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Overview of GR fragmovies


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Here's a list of Ghost Recon fragmovies i downloaded and saw, there are probably more GR videos but not as known then the following movies i listed in this topic.

But before i go to the list i'm gonna add 1 more to it, it's a 2nd movie from [sD] clan, European Clanbase team.

Posting this for someone else, because "i'm so good with this sort of things" Yeah right :P Anyways..

The first movie i ever made was about my own team: Shattered Dreams ( [sD] ). About 6-8 months ago the team revived as a mixteam for old veteran players, they wanted to beat the topteams in Clanbase, that was basicly the only goal.

After winning about 8-10 matches and no losses, beating a french team called "Unknown Team" (Utm), old-FMIF - which didn't lose 1 single siz match in over a year i believe - the players suggested someone should make a little flick from some cool actions or kills they made in those matches.

[sD] Angelus made the movie and he did a very nice job in my opinion, i sortof reviewed the movie @ clanbase.com, so i'll copy/paste that part from CB forums

- I really like how the movie flows so well, that's very important i think. To be honest i think the creator did a better job here then i did with the Beyond Reality movie.

- Quality, well no AntiAliasing, No "AF" so it's not very good, but just good. Sometimes a bit hard to see the enemies, but this is also because of the viewdistance & fog in GR. It's not that bad though, quite sharp.. But could have been better with the right settings and right 3D card settings.

- Creativity. The intro is pretty orginal, well.. I told him about this idea that i never used in BR movie . But yeah, hard to be ubercreative when a lot of things are done already. It's a bit different then most GR movies, but also a lot of similarities.

- Sound. The soundtracks are really cool, good picks. Probably the reason i like the movie a lot

- Frags. They only played something like 10 matches, and they picked some pretty cool ones i must say. Nothing uberleet-pro in my opinion.. But worthy-to-see frags for sure.

- Editting. Bit of a mix of Atmoshere and sound i think. nicely synched, good visual translation on certain parts of the music.

Quality: 70/100

Creativity: 70/100

Sound: 80/100

Frags: 75/100

Editting: 80/100

Atmosphere: 85/100



XviD needed:



[sD] - Shattered Dreams : Topic ~ Download [332 mb]

Castle Day: done quick : Topic ~ Download [152 mb]

^BR^ - Beyond Reality : Topic ~ Download [262 mb]

=SVAF= RIP : Topic ~ Download [139 mb]

BPR Best bits 2003-2004 : Topic ~ Download [605 mb]

Feel the =Rage= : own-age ~ Download [266 mb]

CTF Clan movie : planet-videos ~ Download [145 mb]

GR NationsCup 2004 : own-age ~ Download [76 mb]

=Rage=Doximor movie : no info ~ Download [93 mb]

=SVAF= vs =Rage= : no info ~ Download [40 mb ~ use Save As!]

Speed's goodbye movie : no info ~ Download [92 mb ~ use Save As!]

Other movies:

GR Forever : Topic ~ Download [148 mb]

=SVAF= movie : no info ~ Download [33 mb ~ use Save As!]

GR "Fake" movie : no info ~ Download [95 mb]

HBS: first action : planet-videos ~ Download [36 mb]

Crawling : Topic ~ Download [21 mb ~ use Save As!]

My top 5:

#1: Beyond Reality

Refreshing, creative, awesome quality and it rocks :) Some unique effects and also a 3D bullet - A 10 minutes flick featuring Izone and Chaos from ^BR^ team. It's not overeditted, but a nice balance in my opinion. Probably the movie that was longest in "production".

#2: Castle Day: done quick

Another refreshing, new kind of video in Ghost Recon. It shows how to play Ghost Recon firefight @ Castle Day in an extremely fast time with lots of action. Quite small download, definiatly worth the download if you're wondering how the hell someone can finish Castle Day firefight in just over 4 minutes.

#3: Shattered Dreams: second coming

Newcomer in my top 5 list, above expectations to be honest. Really nice flowing video, doesn't get bored. Nice frags, nice editting and good soundtrack choice, which also was nicely synched.

#4: GR Forever

This movie caused a lot of emotions from the viewers, people remembering the good old days and some of them even reinstalled the game again because they fell in love with the game again. The movie has a powerfull song with some COOP video in it, it's not the action or the kills.. But the feeling it gives you; that's what makes this movie so good. Relatively a small download compared to some other movies, recommended to all COOP or 'realism' players.

#5: Shattered Dreams

This spot was between this and BPR's movie. I picked this one because it has cleaner videocapturing, better musicsynching, the size is much more acceptable. Anyways, this was as far as i know the first big Ghost Recon movie, featuring a somewhat controversial team. The movie is splitted up in a couple of different parts, each part features a [sD] player.

Just outside the top 5:

- BPR Best bits 2003-3004

This movie isn't bad at all, i started to like this movie more and more after watching it a couple of times now when i'm in a I-wanna-see-GhostRecon-videos mood. It has some really top-actions in it, some killingsprees, some random/weird shots. The content/frags are really worth showing. The negative part is that the movie is 605 mb's and 20 minutes if i remember right. The quality should have been higher for that size i think. If you're wondering how the #1 british clan is playing their Clanbase match, then go for the overnight download or wait for all 605 mb's.

- Feel the =Rage=

=Rage= was one of the most dominant GR clans in Clanbase at it's time, at the top of the main ladder, also winning atleast 2 GR cups. I expected more of this movie, the intro started very well and i got to see some preview clips and it looked not bad at all. But i simply expected crazies kills, more killingsprees or something unique. When watching it nowadays i usually skip a few parts.

Like i said before, the intro was very good and then the movie splits up into different parts, player for player like in SD's first movie. Overall the content is somewhat disappointing, same for the soundtracks. The movie isn't that bad as it sounds though, just that i expected more from this movie. For a neutral viewer the movie is probably pretty good :)

What not to download:

These movies weren't worth the download IMO:

- CTF Clan movie, crappy quality.. Not much match-action, just overall not very good.

- HBS: first action; it's more a movie of someone testing fraps, quickly made from a couple of fungame replays.. not really special imo.

I didn't test all links, so if you find a mistake somewhere please say so and i'll fix it later :)

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NJ Ben, btw I have to update some mirrors:

GR Forever - the movie


SVAF R.I.P. - the clanmovie


.... damn but I dont know if this is working, maybe this only I can see as a uploader . Not sure.

these are direct links :

GR Forever

or Filefront DOWNLOAD

GR FOREVER the movie


Thanks for dloading this movie. Its not a fragmovie ! Its only a fan movie or Ghost Recon fans. U can see there some nice wiews from "god" mode in single-player, some pretty screen shots made in Adobe photoshop and in the end One single-player mision beautiful screened. This movie was for me practise of using Sony Vegas, I never used this soft. before, and this was my first time, and it went pretty good. Movie was made in 2 days (not 24hrs/day =] ). Next movie will be more profi I hope than this amateur. Btw in the end of the credits, there are few in-game screenshots with real world locations photos, so dont stop credits and enjoy the song :)

file format: wmv

codec: win.media codec 9

resolution: 640/480

size: 160MB

software used:


Ghost Recon

Fraps 2.0


sony vegas

adobe photoshop


Thanks to Ben [sD] and Doximor [RAGE] for help with SonyVegas.


or on Filefront Download

SVAF R.I.P. the clanmovie


Thanks for dloading this movie. Its a small video screened from Clanbase GhostRecon RIZ ladder matches. U can see there one nice solo action and than teamactions from last cca 10 matches before we get nr1. There are some nice ingame wiews, new cameras and stuffs u could never seen in GR without some programs. Also is there used audio-video synchronization.

file format: wmv

codec: win.media codec 9

resolution: 640/480

software used:


Ghost Recon


Fraps 2.0


sony vegas

adobe photoshop


Hope u will enjoy this vid. This is my last one from GR1.

Thanks to Ben [sD] and Doximor [RAGE] for help with SonyVegas.



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They're aren't working at the moment Speed, those own-age links from you. Your movies will be judged and if you're lucky "approved" for the site :)

I think they will get added because you already supplied the links, less work for them :)

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It is worth it ... a perfect example of CO-OP in GR, superb chaps .. a movie worth showing to any doubter. :clapping::thumbsup:

I must admit I was sucked right in all the way, especialy with Team Speak. I need to show this to a friend to get him online with GR.

On a more funny note .. this movie does prove one thing :


Micheal Owen does play GR Co-op. :o:)


"Do you rekon' I should blow the shiit out of the door?" .... :o:)

"Am I ok to go for a quick pee?" ... :(:)

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I just got done with my clan training video, it has music at first, but then goes into the teamspeak conversation, showing the reality of life as a GR clan soldier.

I've watched half of it so far, very cool. If anyone wants to know what it is like to play in a coop tournament, this movie shows a pretty good representation of competitive coop gaming (even though it's a clan training mission).

How much disk space did it use to record the raw footage though? :blink:

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My top 5:

#1: Beyond Reality

Refreshing, creative, awesome quality and it rocks :) Some unique effects and also a 3D bullet - A 10 minutes flick featuring Izone and Chaos from ^BR^ team. It's not overeditted, but a nice balance in my opinion. Probably the movie that was longest in "production".

Brings back memories

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