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Welcome to springtime in Oklahoma


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For our Eurpoean friends, what you see here are supercell thunderstorms. They spawn tornados (whirlwinds) that are very destuctive and yet strange in nature. They can completely demolish a house and let one standing just 5 feet away. The 3rd pic looks to be an F1 tornado.

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I've never seen cloud formations like that, but then most of our severe weather arrives after it's dark. Closest I've come to a tornado is seeing some remnants of one across the road that had destroyed a barn a mile away. Some small debris and wood was still twirling in it, but it was mostly gone. As a side note, some guys were having a cookout at the house that had the barn destroyed and had a cooler outside with beer in it and it sucked the ice out but left the beer. They now have an annual "Twister party" at the same time each year. :lol:

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