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Finally! My video interview with Serellan!


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Here's the photo that DS took of Kimi while at E3, holding a GR.net card that he thrust into her hand. I dunno why he insists on blacking out faces, must be an ex-army thing :P

What I really would like to know though, is what the heck is going on in the cupboard behind Kimi!


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whos the dude? serellan? good interview and thanks for sharing ... that was a pretty direct remark about being more open ended ... hopefully thats the case.

kinda cool hearing from the horse's mouth that they read the forums. hmmm ... maybe that morgan whatever her name is reads my drivel?? whoa.

[edit] at the time of posting ... how cool is that? airguitar_X.gif


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Having talked with Chrisitan about the same things, I'd say that interview probably took awhile, his answers are really, really complete. RSE could have just hired him for PR :lol:.

Nice stuff Kimi :thumbsup:

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Thanks Kimi. I appreciate your efforts about GR3. Serellan thanks for being forthright about it as well. I know you've seen alot of hardcore comments not just from me, but from alot of people.

But since grin is dev'ing GR3, I guess we can expect some fresh new stuff for GR3. I hope the fix nightvision to be real. I wouldn't mind not being able to see the enemy on night maps in TvT siege. as long as it is real..or believeable. hell, I might even miss the guy who slips past me to the base.

Thanks Kimi...

Thank you very much Serellan.

BTW, when will we be able to see vids of the grin ppl with the PC version?


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:) That was great stuff.

Good questions Kimi. Do you work for someone or was that a solo project? (sorry I'm not that well informed).

Great answers Serellen. As always you have made it a point to connect with the fans and get them excited about the next generation of Spec Ops gaming.

Always good to see the fans and developers coming together to shape the games of the future. :thumbsup:

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