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MOVIE: Beyond Reality

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After [sD] Movie and Castle Day: done quick i made my last big GR movie: Beyond Reality.

A long time ago i read on SwEX's website they were making theír own movie, so when i MSN'd Chaos what happened with that movie he told me he didn't had time or something for it, well... Not sure what happened exactly, but i remember saying "yes, sure" after he asked me to make them a "BR movie" The movie features only 2 players from Beyond Reality clan, having a 10-man movie is to much work and i told them i would make something real quick for them... Well, that didn't happen -- movie took longer then i thought

This movie is different then the other 2 movies i made before, [sD] movie was my first big movie about my clan. At the time it was the best (and maybe only) movie out there for Ghost Recon.

After some time more and more movies appeared, using similar style as [sD] Movie in my opinion. My second movie was made in a period of having no internet for 5 days, i did some quick runs on Castle Day (firefight) and this is just showing how fast it can be played. Really cool movie because it was damn hard.

For this movie i tried some unique things for GR-standards. First of all i tried to remove the HUD but i wanted to keep the Crosshair. So i tried searching for special commands in the options.xml, but config'ing GR never really existed :D

I looked into modding the HUD textures, but no luck there either. I skipped it for a while and i started to experiment with using larger resolutions. For example 800x600 instead of 640x480, i even went to 1600x1200 (Fraps will save every frame as 800x600 - it converts every frame from 1600x1200 to 800x600). Well, it resulted in some pointless attempts to change something compared to the movies nowadays. If i converted a 1024x768 to 640x480 you get a cropped up HUD and Crosshair and that sort of things. So i decided to use the middle part of the 1024x768 frames; no HUD, no killconfirmations, no replayspeed visible, crosshair still visible, IFF Names still possible to view. Perfect :)

So i was making my first part and it was good, but something irritated me. The graphics were poor, the lines weren't that sharp at all. So i tested my PC's capabilities and ended up using x8 AntiAliasing and x8 Anisotropic Filtering (AA & AF). On most maps it worked, but on Ravine for example i had to lower the settings a little bit.

Enough of this graphical talk. Something about the sound(tracks). I involved the sound much more while editting the movie, i really like it now. Much better i think :) Choosing the soundtrack was hard, i had so many ideas but most of them just didn't really fit with the videol; quite annoying if you can't find the right song because you can't continue working then because everything needs to be shortened and editted so it fits nicely with the soundtrack. But in the end i found what i was looking for and it sounds pretty good :)

Special effects:

3dsmax bullet used in combination of fly-clip

Modded textures

Wallhack effect too

All the modding done by Blahb. Wallhackeffect done with a "program" if you know what i mean - lol.

The zipfile includes the movie ofcourse, readme.txt with more info, soundtrack, used program (programs i used) and just some more info about the project.

I used a little bit higher bitrate then previous 2 movies. 3250 bitrate instead of 3000, time changes - people get faster internet and i thought i could raise the quality a bit more. And trust me, you can watch it fullscreen no problemo :thumbsup:

Some info:

Author.............: Ben

Length.............: 10:48

Resolution.........: 640x480

FPS................: 30

Codec..............: XviD

Bitrate............: 3250

Sound..............: Mp3

Size...............: 262 MB

Download link:




Project Screenshots:



All people using Quakenet (irc) please idle & perforum #eonline channel to support Izone and Chaos' (the two guys where the movie is about) upcoming LAN Cafe in Eskilstuna, Sweden - http://www.eskilstunaonline.se

Check out there clan website here:


If you have any questions about the movie or if you experience problems viewing it then you can post it in this thread or Private Message me on the forum.

HF watching the movies (There's a extra movie: Shattered Dreams 2: The second coming trailer :o )

- Ben

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AWSOME! i love machinima/music videos. and good choice of editing software. vegas is more than capable for these tasks.

downloading now...

If you love Machinima check out this "music video" made with the Half Life 2 engine. There might be some spoilers if you're playing HL2 Single Player or if you're still planning to play it some day.


Or this awesome Battlefield Vietnam movie: The Fallen One


Great great movie

And yes, Vegas is pretty easy, i don't like Adobe's programs, they load so long and they look so complicated, Sony Vegas is quite easy if you're new with Videoeditting programs :)

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ahh yes, Still Seeing Breen is by far one the BEST music videos to date in my opinion. and the BF;V one is very good also. i can't wait to get my hands on BF:2 and start working with BF:tv and make some videos with that.


Dear Members,

Somewhere in June, a week in front of the BF2 release, there will be kept an official Battlefield 2 pre-release party.

This party has been organised by EA Games, Dice and the Netgamez organisation and it's main target is to show the press Battlefield 2.

Only the (inter)national press and some special guests are invited. But there have to be players that should show the press HOW to play it, and not how they shouldn't play it.

There are 2 teams that are invited for this launch party. They have to play a 5vs5 war. You should be able to guess the point about posting this now. Yes, we are invited together with Arms.

I don't have all the details yet, I don't know the excact date and location yet.. but as soon I know more, I'll post it over here.

There is place left for 3 members who would like to join me and FvM.

I have to make a selection from the members who sign in. I will look to your activity atm and how much lan-party's you have visited in the past.

Lucky teammate of mine ^

So, ..UBI if you read this.. :P

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GJ ben, I said to u many times but gj again :)

btw, if u have some time, u can do some webpage called "GR movies" and put in there all of this bigger nice movies like Doximofos feeling rages, mine GR4ever or the RIP one, and yours SD and cool CD and this br one. DO some pretty design .. u are good in this :) And than can everybodey dload all this nice movs in this comunity.

Im out of time, leaving next week and comming back in 3 months ... so do it ! :o=

btw if its possible, use flash

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