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Armenia SCARed Mod. . .

above Splash screen will have many impressed & anxiously awaiting mod's release:


* all brand NEW MAPS, not re-textures!

* 3-4 mission campaign w/ADVANCED MISSION SCRIPTING offering high replayability, MP-SP modes, working difficulty levels, & many "surprises"


by GiWeDa, Cobaka, Streinger... well-know, talented modders...

Is this too good to be true? :rocky:

I'm sure many will be anticipating Armenia SCARed's release.

Any updates?

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Is there going to be a 7.62 x 51 Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle with a barrel length like the below posted 7.62 x 51 SCAR (16 inch barrel)?

I can't imagine firing a 7.62 N.A.T.O. round with a twelve inch (30 centimeter) barrel. It would have nasty muzzle blast and be very loud. The only way it would be tolerable is if it had a sound suppressor.


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Hurricane13 Posted Yesterday, 12:12 PM

Bump, sorry to bother you, but any news about the mod [Armenia SCARed]?

Currently undergoing beta-testing. :) Unfortunately the beta-testers are having a devil of a time with Giweda's fiendish missions :(

As many of us have sadly learned, upon occassion the comment: "Currently undergoing beta-testing" is actually GR Modder's Mispeak Code for: "Sorry m8s, this mod's been dropped/shelved."

:fingersx: Here, however, Armenia SCARed truly is currently undergoing rigorous beta-testing!

Er, rumour has it that certain testers keep getting lost on the new maps & mis-firing the new weapons?

...but it's hard to find good help nowadays!

Definitely this mod will soon be released. :thumbsup:

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Our untold goal was to release the mod for S. Valentine i.e. yesterday.

Unfortunatelly last Friday I had to come back to Italy immediately because of a very critic situation of my son thus I had to stop immediately the last works on the mod.

I have ordered to the other 3 members to release the mod as it is but they ammutinated and told me "no way, we will wait for you"

Therefore I'm sorry but I can't tell you when the mod will be ready, now my first priority is my son's health that is however improving every day.

Sorry again

Giampaolo "GiWeDa"

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Sorry for the delay.

First a bit of RL to share with you: my son David, 3 years old last 21st of February, 2 weeks ago fell into coma because of a virus. The diagnosis was encephalitis viral. His situation was terrible, I had to go back to Italy immediately to speak with a doctor.

We experimented a real miracle and after only 1 week David could go back to his home. Now he is very healthy and it seems impossible he was in such conditions.

Now back to the topic.

I've just started again Igor after 2 weeks, meanwhile the rest of the team went on with betatesting and there are few issues to solve on mission 3.

Expect the mod shortly

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We are working hard to have it released by next sunday, our greatest enemy is the Time zone difference. This morning I woke up at 5 to read the feedbacks from the rest of the team and fix any small problems they found.

One thing: the missions will be co-op enabled but no way we can test them in such modality. Therefore the mod when will be released will be mainly for SP but I would be very happy if you can test them and give me feedback for a further necessary patch. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenient

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A couple of considerations:

1) the mod will be released in a simple zip format package rather than a more professional installer; in this way eventual Mac user could attempt to port the mod into Mac format

2) Package is around 55 MB, it does include also a new GR_main_theme. If you have problem of download I could remove the them saving around 12 MB but I don't think it makes a big difference.

Any comment?

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