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Whirlwind of Vietnam


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Whirlwind of Vietnam is being brought to us from the iL2 Sturmovik dev team of 1C Maddox Games. As the title implies, it is set in Vietnam and will feature helicopters instead of fixed wing aircraft. They are sticking to the level of detail found in the previous games they have released.


Looks interesting, I want to try a Snake. :FIREdevil:

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Just a slight correction - it is being published by 1C and developed by G5 Software, the same people who produced the hugely dissapointing Fair Strike. As easy as it is to bag them straight off because of this, we need to give them a fair go to see if they can come up with something better under the guidance of 1C. We need a hardcore mil helo flight sim soooo bad :blink:

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Sounds pretty cool, especially the ability to switch between different crew stations on the chopper like door-gunner and co-pilot/gunner.

However, I hope they don't limit this to flying on Gunships like the UH-1C and AH-1G/J. I'd like to be able to fly a UH-1B/D slick on troop insertions or medi-vac operations as well, that would be a rather hairy and exciting game-play experience, and give credit to the chopper pilots of Vietnam who have always really been taken for granted and never portrayed in any serious light.

I'm on board with this one though.

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In the meantime keeps your eyes on this one  :thumbsup:

Lock On: Black Shark  :yes:

That is one game I will not be buying. It is infected with Starforce. :nono:


I agree with Jack, we are very much in need of a new and thorough mil flight sim. I for one miss the Jane's series. Off topic here but has anyone tried the latest incarnation of Falcon 4.0? I was a bit put off by Graphsim's involvement after their debauchery with F-18 repackaged in Iraq.


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