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Hi-Res GR3 Trailer


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I was a bit skeptical, but I grabbed it anyways...

:thumbsup: It was VERY good. Much better than that low rez trash we've been watching. You actually got to see everything in much better detail (especially the enemies!) and can watch it in full screen mode (MANDATORY!) without any distortion.

Great find! :D

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I watched it and while I like how clear it was, I actually saw something that is really bothersome.

I saw a teammember completely disappear from my view while less than 10 yards from where Mitchell was standing. That is completely unacceptable.

I am sure some of you will see what I am talking about.

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at .27 the guy is partially hidden from view by Mitchell's (1st person) weapon and you can only see his helmet above it's scope.

at .51 Mitchell looks up into the sky and so you cant see the other teammate.

Personally I don't have a problem with either of these things, just as when he looks to the left the you cant see the guy on the right. in many other games the 1st person weapon blocks part of the screen.

I think WK is saying that if 1st person weapon view was off you would still be able to fully see the guys ?

hopefully this will be a selectable option, so those that dont like the "blocking" can have a clearer screen

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While sighting through a weapon really restricts ones view and yes I am fully aware of how it is, at less than 10 yards, a person of average height, even while crouched, will not be just a helmet above a weapon held even at chest level. In the video, the weapon seems to be held at chin level even then, one should see more of a person than just a helmet.

If you notice where these guys are holding weapons, I don't see how just a helmet would be visible.


From U.S., Iraq Troops Launch Offensive

Granted, this pic is from a training exercise, but other pics abound with everyone holding weapons similarly and can be found everywhere. I don't know about anyone else, but my eyes don't pop out to view something under my chin.

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:lol: so very true :thumbsup:

I would imagine for games with 1st person weapon views they deliberately over exaggerate the placement just so you can see most of the weapon model on screen.... purely for the "cool" factor

whereas if it was realistic you would only see a tiny bit of it, if at all.

However in the video most of the 1st person view shots the weapon is "at the ready" so would be more in your view

and in the third person shots the weapon is "at rest/patrol" and is much lower, exactly as in your picture

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But you notice they aren't in combat though.

In combat I'ld carry my weapon high, near ready to fire.

I remember somewhere Hatchetforce talked about how weapons are carried in combat. Until a target is up, the weapon is at low ready (in a FPWV you would see maybe a little piece buttstock. At some point it comes up to the shoulder in high like you said, and then is sighted and fired, then dropped back to low-ready after all the shooting is done. If that's wrong, someone please correct me.

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