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"Land Warrior" equip Chr

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:huh: strange time warp effect strikes again ! :huh:

This is my first attempt at a new Chr, I decided to base it on the Land Warrior equipped Chr as seen in GR2 - please be gentle its my first "baby"



Feedback would be great (again - wierd)

When finished, the Chr will be going into my 4th main Campaign Mod (appearing at some point in the next 6 months or so.... :rofl: )

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Not so bad ! The Pouches looking a little bit to square and the textures should be Pouches-Pics, but its useable, for sure !

Yeah. Those issues, as well as the bottom of his boots should be flatter on the sides?

[Hint]Maybe I could use it in my Total coversion mod? Will Jacobs skin anyone?[/Hint]

Looks very good though!

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@ Sixpence : yep pouches are a bit square - maybe Ill round some of the bigger ones off, but they do look squarish in the pic ;)

@ lexsis : I do occasianally make new stuff for my own Mods m8 - this is one of them :thumbsup: I hope this is ok and I can keep doing stuff for myself - or should I just stick to doing stuff only for others ?? :huh::devil:

@ Snake@War: bottom of the boots flatter ? :rofl: Not touched them m8, there the original WJ boots - blame RSE :devil: as for the Total Conversions Mod - sorry, not this model m8 (see Lexsis answer)

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