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American Idol

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I know, some of you may not like the show, but I only watch one channel and it just happens to be the channel that AI is on. This year has been different though. With older singers able to try out, it has brought out a different atmosphere compared to earlier years.

This year, instead of what I refer to as mindless pop (bubblegum music), we have seen the contestants sign everything from Broadway show tunes to some Southern Rock. 2 rockers and a future country queen have been part of this year. The finale is tonight and features one of the rockers and the country queen, ironically from southern States (OK Oklahoma is pushing it a bit, but).

Personally, I am hoping the rocker wins this year as we have had a pop princess, a hip-hop artist and a R&B singer make it. A rocker is what is needed to shake things up. The ladies seem to love him and his long hair.

Go Bo.

What do those who watch think?

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I thought I could escape this topic.... :o=

After that Tom Jones rendition, Bo definitely is the better. Better showmanship too.

:o Was that too gay? (Seinfeld: Not that there is anything wrong with being gay)

vote is on Bo, go rocker dude!

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With the lengendary souther rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd helping him out, I think Bo and quite possibly his band, will get the break he so deserves and got with AI.

[/edit]Sorry about the possible spoiler, but isn't it live even on the West Coast? I don't know.

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It has always been a popularity contest.

Simon and its other owners just make sure the top 12 are ACTUALLY MARKETABLE.

Yes the talents are there between Carrie and Bo. But when it came to who would you market most profit it was clearly be Bo, hence that nice ending with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Even an appretice would know not to end that medley with a Christian Song---remember market wise/Billboard/MTV---no politics.

Bo rocked that placed.

Carrie was more popular.

If your going to attend a outdoor concert, I'd bring the cooler with beers with Bo.

I'd bring the lawnchair with Carrie, and still have cool concert.

Dang! Didn't I just say I was not going to get sucked in this hoopla! :wall:

At least we got another 2-5 seconds with SHE BANG dude. :thumbsup:

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Yeah, I can see going to the Georgia Jam to see Bo and Lynyrd Skynyrd together (at different times of course with each playing by themselves).

I did manage to get 3 votes in for Bo. I normally don't vote, I just watch and listen. Ya gotta admit, Carrie is really pleasing to the eyes. The only thing about her that bugs me and I noticed that with a lot of the girls this year is the fingers and the mic. They were always flapping their fingers like they were trying to get another grip as if they were gonna drop it.

While Bo didn't win, he will still get a record deal and be just as popular or even more so than the earlier ones.

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