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P2: A Cold Day In Hell

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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks guys

I worked yesterday on putting together an update package that I'll probably make available to the SP testers today so they can get a BETA run through that mission and see the dusk version of that map, they've already played the day version and may be happy to hear I've changed the opening cinematic in it even though it meant loosing Phlook's invisitank camera view for the time being..no more harsh and weird looking helo shadows on the river banks...he has made some changes that tighten up both the day and dusk versions of the map..there is also an MP version with a script that he did...

mig :ph34r:

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Been a while since I posted here :rocky:

Wow, it's nice to see things are still cooking (this is all due to Mig's hard work (I guess I've been a bit of a stranger recently))

There are a few items that I've still to finish (including the Invisitank for the cinematics)

Guess I better dust off my modding PC if the release date is in sight

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  • 1 month later...

recently I've been busy getting a few of nat's SCARs from Pack 1 in game for the mod...nat did two great looking arctic versions - one white and one camo version...here are two images showing the camo version in game...



mk16 eotech with magnifier and c-mag


and I got permission from Prozac long ago to use weapons from his mods so I finally got around today to seeing about giving Henry Ramirez an m4 sopmod with ACOG TAO1 scope n tac accessories from his M4 SOPMOD Mod...only I've experimented with leaving the attatchments having standard textures while the rifle and magpul stock have his arctic texture...let me have some feedback here guys..like this or everything with arctic texture...?


I've been tidying things up with regards to kits n related items the past few days...nat has a few things cookin in his corner of the kitchen...Phlook is adjusting a couple things..and I still need to finish the Dusk bridge mission up though it is a playable :fingersx: mission now..the guys have made a few suggestions to be considered..

coop testing is the major thing now...and that won't start until I get these odds n ends done and make it available for that...with 24 missions I'm afraid the Night Hawks may be overwhelmed trying to test that many.. I know wombat and the guys are ready to do all they can to help there though...SP testing took all summer n fall...partly cause a few missions were not ready n partly cause a few were real boogers having some issues that had to be worked out. I've even wondered about a release without coop testing(OMG!) or maybe just those missions that would have things like SP cinematics n such that can cause issues..then again there are so many dynamic items in the mod that really have never been found in the same quantity in previous missions so its a scary thought and I don't want a bunch of servers crashing over our mod...yet I know we all want you guys to have at it finally as well...heck there ain't even a campaign xml today and I'm really unsure the full mission count could be completed before you ran out of guys..so I may do it like I did Guate..storyline n all, but no locked missions...all heros available upon request so to speak..they do have weapon sytems not available to the standard Ghosts who have their own formidable arsenals..

mig :ph34r:

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ok so you guys are close.

on the weapon texture - i think it works well, however, the scars definitely look better with the arctic camo.

i personally would like to have the SP as soon as possible - i dont really have the time to hook up and play coop now - but eager to sink my teeth into the sp campaign.

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  • 4 weeks later...

well over the past few days I have created the campaign xml and unlocked heros xml as well...I played through in "dev mode" so all of the missions and the heros are unlocked...those files will be supplied with the mod...even though I've set up difficulties I am quiet uncertain that the full campaign can be completed or if anybody wants to do that many missions in a campaign...so you will be able to play Quick Missions instead if you want..I guess you could just copy the P2 unlocked missions into your own unlocked missions file...the unlocked heros is of course a separate file..

here are a coule of examples of how many tangos missions have at the three different levels of diff...

Standing Bear Easy = 92, Normal = 98, Hard = 105

Smiling Wolf Easy = 40, Normal = 45, Hard = 50

most are set up with similar proportions..all missions have the same number of vehs at each level of diff'...

the maps are listed here and a brief description of each missions objectives...


Opening act, MOBILE ICBM, and some other nuke related missions -

<Mission>p201_rolling_bears.mis</Mission> RSE Farm Day retext by Bludawg, defend aganst enemies

trying to get at a data logger from the crashed plane..protect the pilot too

<Mission>p202_black wolf.mis</Mission> Phlookian P2-BLACK WOLF BRIDGE, take the bridge to set up an ambush of a mobile ICBM convoy, search for stuff, secure manmade structures..

<Mission>p203_walking wolf.mis</Mission> ..continue the above mission, ambush the convoy, disarm DEMO you place on the bridge and some surprise issues

<Mission>p204_sleeping bear.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Underground Facility, secure ICBM parked on site, look for WMDs, destroy armor...

<Mission>p205_standing bear.mis</Mission> Phlookian Blue Ivan for P2, secure ICBM, eliminate air defense, search for other WMDs, intel search, destroy armor, investigate crash site, secure data logger....

<Mission>p206_roaring bear.mis</Mission> Phlookian and Cobaka(remake of his desert fort) Winter Fort, secure ICBM, take down guard towers, hostage from above mission rescue, WMD search, SS-18 search, intel...

<Mission>p207_white bear.mis</Mission> RSE Big Docks retext by Bludawg, secure Destroyer n subs, check out torpedo cars, secure warheads, search for WMDs, intel, disarm demo if located....

Command and Control, Communications, WMD related missions -

<Mission>p208_loping wolf.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Radar Facility, convoy take down, search for WMDs, detroy armor, intel...

<Mission>p209_angry owl.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Damaged Radar Facility, retake above after enemy does the same, rescue hostages, relocate WMDs, destroy armor, capture bosses...

<Mission>p2010_fighting bears.mis</Mission> Deleyt White Skull Valley retext and lighting by callmehobbes/sleeper secure nuke warhead, search for WMDs, destroy armor, capture a main boss, rescue hostages(?) from radar facility, intel

<Mission>p2011_smiling wolf.mis</Mission> OSO's Winter Wilderness mpwinter_wilderness from FB v1.3, hostage from Radar Facility rescue..sniper mission

<Mission>p2012_prancing reindeer.mis</Mission> sleeper December, comm site retake, search for WMD, destroy armor, intel...

<Mission>p2013_howling wolf.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Blue Ghost, retake comm site, capture officer, destroy armor, disarm demo stuff, intel....

<Mission>p2014_fishing bears.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Airport, reclaim site, destroy armor, locate and investigate Shmel UAVs, intel, capture officers...

<Mission>p2015_crouching leopard.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 mpfort, take down site, locate WMD case from Radar Facility

Multiple Rocket Launcher and Mobile Arty related missions -

<Mission>p2016_bounding bears.mis</Mission> RSE Castle day retext by Bludawg, intel, destroy armor, capture bosses

<Mission>p2017_traveling bears.mis</Mission> RSE rrbridge retext and lighting by Lancer and sleeper, take down FOP and FCP, pacify AO, search for WMDs and intel, destroy light armor, set up and execute ambush of armored column from above mission cinematic

<Mission>p2018_hunting wolves.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 mpslope, destroy AD armor, pacify AO...

<Mission>p2019_angry leopard.mis</Mission> RSE m14 Mountain retext by Bludawg, destroy SMERCH battery, destroy AD armor, destroy light armor, search for and disarm demo, open gate valve on pipeline, secure Command and Control, capture officer, rescue UN guys...

<Mission>p2020_pouncing tiger.mis</Mission> Biro The Farm retext by Bludawg and small netting text by mig, destroy SMERCH units, destroy AD armor, locate and secure SS-18s, locate and secure nukes, secure radar bunker, intel

<Mission>p2021_stalking tiger.mis</Mission> H-Hour/OSO OSO's Winter Wilderness Outpost, take down comm shack, destroy mobile arty and SMERCH unit, destroy AD armor unit, secure Fire Control vehicles, search for WMDs, intel, rescue POWs...

<Mission>p2022_walking bear.mis</Mission> RSE DP04 Wilderness retext by Lancer, destroy moble guns, destroy light armor, take down all bunkers including FCP, capture officer...

End Game -

<Mission>p2023_sitting bear.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Ship, retake ship, search for WMDs, search for intel...

<Mission>p2024_white fox.mis</Mission> FB v1.3 Keep, search for WMDs, search for intel, capture big bosses...


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It's good your getting close Mig. It has been a long haul for you and your modding team.

Those missions will take me forever to play but I'll bet they will all be cracking good ones.

As usual, nothing but the best from Mig.

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I am quiet uncertain that the full campaign can be completed or if anybody wants to do that many missions in a campaign...

I do! Missions and enemies galore - always a good thing in my book! As for the campaign being doable - I would consider that a part of the thrill! I love it when you have to keep most of your guys alive throughout the campaign to be even able to finish it, as I think that this is a lot more realistic than being able to throw them in there like cannon-fodder.

From the looks of it, this mod is really going to rock big time, and I'm looking forward to some heavy battles! :thumbsup:

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  • 4 weeks later...

this mod is lacking an important chr model...a Russian female WMD expert. I'm wondering if anybody would be up to creating her..she could be dressed in BDUs(preferrably winter), long sleeve Class As, or some believable civilian garb you would expect a First Responder type person to be wearing in route to a hazmat investigation(jump suit?)...she will be taken hostage from there and show up much later in the campaign as a hostage rescue target package...I already have the old woman chr as a farm family member but guess she could be used for this if nothing else is available..matter of fact she represents that WMD expert on the chopper that brings the International WMD Investigations Team to the Radar Base map early in the campaign..I never showed her again because I really wanted a better chr model for that person...I have a good spot for ressurecting her though if she can be available..we're working out a few issues and I have to pull together a final credits section plus maybe do some weapons balancing and ballistics work so there should be time enough?

thanks in advance if ya take her on...

EDIT - about to enter a coop test phase in the next week or so and that should go on for a couple of weeks at least so three weeks minimum there..only other option would be a BETA release with no coop/mp testing done and that is too scary...

mig :ph34r:

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  • 2 weeks later...


I can't answer that question, I turned around and there he was....not the best shooting platform but I thought it looked pretty cool...

EDITED - image removed by Photobucket and besides - I may not be able to give you guys the prize mentioned anyway at this point....oddly enough there is a texture conflict or two...

mig :ph34r:

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