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Scab Island

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I downloaded Scab island and it is not in english. I dont understand what the mission objectives are beacause of this. Is there an english patch, or a readme file to understand what to do. Any help would be much appreciated. :yes::thumbsup:

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It's kinda late at night for a big download, but what you can do is:

1)Open wordPad or Notepad, > Open > File type:all files, and select your Scabb mission

2)Scroll down until you see the briefing text for eg

<BriefingText>Welcome to Tbilisi, gentlemen - I hope you got some shuteye on the ......

3) Then copy and paste the briefing into some translater and , boing! English briefing!

(BTW the Objectives are all the way at the bottom of the file)

Translation service found here http://babel.altavista.com/

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Good Idea, Worm. This helps a lot. But there ar so much unique spoken Textes too, and it would be so much work this rework in english ! But you can make a Petition to BEK BigBoss, mayby he can motivate his Comrades to do again ! :D

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Soooo the verdict is that there is no way to find out what the mission objectives are.    :whistle:

This is not what we said. If you open the mis file and you look towards the bottom of the file you can see the objectives. I can't download the mod but if you like you can post here the mis file

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