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Female Specialists

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So who do you prefer for a female specialist? Gimme Susan ( cool blue eyes ) with Lindy #2 (boy, she looks serious!) and then Ast ( looks like she is one cold lady) I assume their voices are all the same. Ast is a pretty effective sniper and Lindy seems to be able to handle herself although Susan takes a lot of shots to put someone away lol. Why only three? They shoulda made all of the specialists female!

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Linda Lovelace. A specialist first class.  :devil:    :hippi:

Going back a bit, I wonder what she looks like now. :lol:

Linda Boreman 1949 - 2002

On Monday, April 22, 2002, Linda Boreman, who portrayed Linda Lovelace in the film Deep Throat, died of injuries suffered after a horrific car accident three weeks earlier.

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