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thanks a lot firefly -- i have not done any flash intros for modders. but ive done a couple clan homepages for counter strike (never played it myself but had friends that did).

i wanted to do so much more with this one (more in depth on the backgrounds of these so-called ronin) but the size was just getting way too big. thanks again! :)

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Wow... thats amazing... I got all excited... man... make your mod, have that as the intro.... I would d/l that in a flash...

Only one thing

The sound was a bit 'buzzy', although that could be my speakers...

Doesn't stop it from being amazing. Awesome work man.

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If you guys have Photoshop, this is another way to add camo:



1. Open your enemy skin files in DS, usually 'Reg1_body.rsb'.

These are usually normal green fatigues and are perfect for adding camo

because they already have pockets, hems, etc..

2. Highlight the pants portion of the skin and go to the 'Image' tab, highlight

'Adjust' and press 'desaturate'. This should make your pants appear in

grayscale. (black and white)

3. now open up your camo image, highlight the portion of camo u want to put

on the pants, find the 'edit' tab and press 'copy'.

4. Now go back to the pants image and hit the 'edit' and press 'paste'.

5. Move the camo image over the pants and then go to the 'layer' tab,

and press 'layer options'. A new window should appear. Find the scroll bar

next to where it says 'mode' and scroll down to 'overlay'. hit ok. and you're

done. This is the way I usually do it. :)

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Nice min-tute mate. :)

But uhh, I already have it pinned at the top of the forum.

I use it all the time for wrinkles and things. Also, this works well with vehicles and weapons too. Not only skins.

Increase the contrast to make more detail show through. :)

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Thanx for the advice Ruin.

Almost forgot. At the end of my mini-tute, go back to the 'layer' tab and

scroll all the way down to 'flatten'. this will merge all the layers into one single image.

*You can also use the 'distort' option in the 'edit' tab to alter the size and shape of your camo skin to fit your pant size, shirt size, etc...

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thanks sarg -- the skins are for future installments of ronin movies. although anyone is welcome to the hor skins but i just didnt think anyone would want it considering all the other skins out there (that and its plastered with back, leg and arm patches of the hor emblem).

and im still workin on yours, killa manila's, and velocity's (maybe a couple others) sigs -- ive just been laggin big time. sorry bout that.

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Wow, nice camo, ronin. Could you do the GR modding community a favour, and release them in a mod, complete with the flash intro? I know I would love it, and from the responses of others, I may not be alone in this feeling.

REALLY??? wow, ok. i really gotta get these guys sigs done though, so as soon as thats done, ill package it up and post the link to where you can download it.

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Where do I begin and not sound like everyone else Ronin. IN######*NG UNBELIEVEABLY INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extremely good work and don't stop! That flash intro is nothing short of GReat.

Stout Hearts


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