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biking :P


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Well i never knew how many bikers we had here. So i created this thread to find out what kind of bike everyone has, and what kind of riding people do. I have a 2004 Trek 3900 i believe. This is pretty much it.


I havne't got into many technical trails yet, only a few things close to my house. I like to practice tricks using benches, although i can't get up on them yet....its a work a progress...i like to catwalk, do cradles and other easy things that i'm sure everyone else has different names for :lol: I hope to try out some real trails this year, hopefully my bike can handle it...if i really get into it i'll deffinatly get a new bike and put in enough money to get a nice specialized or fisher or one of the bikes i've looked at.

What about the rest of you? :thumbsup:


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I've got a 1993 Marin Rocky Ridge with 1995 Pace MXCD Suspension forks, posh eh? Its old but it still does the job, the last real trail I did was the Marin trail at Betws-y-Coed in Wales, great trail with lots and lots of places to fall off but the start of it is a real pig of a climb out of the car park.

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As mentioned I ride a Specialized S-Works Comp.

Pic 1 | Pic 2

Its quite the shizzle. :D The frame is solid and light and the forks are top notch Rock Shox SIDs. The drivetrain is mainly shimano XT but the front mech is XTR and the rear mech is LX. Overall a kick ass bike. ;)

I mainly ride moorland which means for lots of singletrack; fast downhill but a hard slog going up. The Leeds/Liverpool canal is another place I normally end up on. If the goings good I can travel quite far in a couple of hours.

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