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Norwegian Army

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@ Wolfsong: I know that Frostbite is good but it's to big for me cuz i'm a poor 56k user.

go to www.download.com and grab netants DL manager. this will help you grab all kinds of GR goodness even if you lose your connection.....cuz you can restart the same DL anytime :D

oh yeah..the best site i have found for DL with netants is @war and any mod hosted by edgefiles. i have been able to restart every mod there if my connection fizzled out. fileplanet is a hit and miss. sometimes you can restart...sometimes you can't. :rolleyes:

hope this helps!

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I made a similar post a while ago. I'd love to see Norwegian mod for GR. Nothing seems to happen tho...

Would someone be willing to put together a simple skin (and maybe weapons) mod made up of stuff from other mods? Provided we get permission from the authors ofcourse.

Frostbite has some great Norwegian skins, and so does BajaBravo's Sabre Teams. A mod combining skins from these two would be awesome. Both these mods also contain most if not all the weapons needed for a basic and realistic mod of Norwegian forces.

Any volunteers? I'd be happy to help getting permissions etc

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