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NKs Ghosts by ~NkOgNiTo~

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~Nk's~ GHOSTS v1.0

Mod By ~NkOgNiTo~

Reviewed by Rocky


Type : GR Ds IT co-op mission pack


This is a collection of 6 new missions played across GR, DS and IT maps. There are also 14 new kits including some new weapons to enjoy. The mod has been put together by ~NkOgNiTo~ who designed the new camo and scripted all of the missions apart from one, which was coded by GR Campaign Guru Jack 57. Other big name contributers to this mod are Piccolo & BajaBravo who provided new weapons. There are also two new game types to play around with.


The main content for this mod is of course the missions, and there are 6 new missions each of which offer a different challenge.

"GHOST ReScUe" takes place at the Polling Center and is a clever new mission idea from ~NkOgNiTo~ that has been scripted by Jack57. Just before the mission starts. there is a cool intro sequence laying out the game and it's storyline. Mission is not the best word to describe it - it's almost like a new gametype; when the game starts, all of the players on the server are paired up and distributed around the map. Unfortunately they are unarmed, and guarded by kidnappers. One wrong move and they will be shot, and the game ends.

This image shows the Ghosts rounded up by the guards before being split up.


After the guards split them up, that's when the Rescuer comes in. One random player will be designated the "Rescuer" and will find himself alone, but with a single pistol! His job - to free the other Ghosts! This is quite cool in itself, but there is another neat aspect to this game - when (or if) the rescuer manages to take out a guards, he can collect his weapon and use it to complete the mission, taking out the other guards and freeing the other players.

This is a very neat new idea for game - but it is also very hard to pull off. Which leads to a gameplay issue; while the rescuer is doing his best, the other players can only sit back and wait, watching the command map to see how he is progressing.

At the end of each attempt, a new rescuer is chosen at random, so all the players get a chance to play - but depending on numbers there could be a long wait involved.

I'd summerise this mission as being an excellent new idea that needs to be tweaked a little to either reduce the difficulty level, or involve the other players more somehow. For playing amongst your clan it'll be a great tool for sharpening up your Ghost Recon skills though, and is great fun - not to be missed.

Nk's BaNk HoStAgE takes place around the bank on the Embassy map. This is a good coop mission that promotes effective teamwork and good dispersion. There's nothing too innovative about the mission, it's of the "rescue the pilot and extract" variety - but it is spiced up with a helicopter in the car park and a very tricky final objective. It's one of those missions that's just fun to play!

Nk's BiLoXi BeAcH is a night mission on the uhm, beach, and is a great mission that could take a few attempts to complete, but it's fun so repeated efforts are enjoyable, not tedious.

In this image you can see the 1st objective to destroy a helicopter on the beach is just about to be completed.


I liked the challenge that this map offered, with a need for both heavy weapons for the tank and helicopter, and also CQB skills when clearing out the buildings to the north of the map.

Of the remaining 3 missions I enjoyed SaNdBoX AsSaSsAiNs and GrEnE AcReS the most. SaNdBoX AsSaSsAiNs takes place in the Desert Siege Ghost Town and is another cool mission idea. There are 3 targets to be taken out by planting explosives on the doors of the houses they are in - only you must not be seen planting the explosives. Once you have placed them, you must run to a safe position and hide from view until they blow. This calls for good squad discipline to make sure everyone is out of site before the demo guy moves in to do his stuff.

GrEnE AcReS involves planting spy cameras on the Farm map, and calls for a good recollection of the mission briefing, or else cries of "where do I take the pilot?" ring out across the map. After picking up a pilot you have to take him safely to different locations where he plants spy cameras, cool stuff.

All in, this is a great collection of missions, that will offer coop players hours of challenging games - nice work.


The new weapons add extra depth to this download, and are of a quality to compliment the great missions. Steyr Aug SD, Diemaco SD/M203, Famas Custom and Winchester 1300 Short are all up to the usual high standard we expect from Piccolo and BajaBravo and well worth including on your next outing.


Similarly the camo designed by ~NkOgNiTo~ adds to the whole effect and also adds to the content of an already worthwhile mod. Dusted Calico Desert, Neon Jungle v2.0 and Woodland Grass are available for selection and they all look great.


As a collection, these missions offer innovative new gameplay and challenging, but not overly difficult missions. We had a great time playing through each mission, and will probably return to play some of them again.

Because this mod has both innovation and a nicely balanced difficulty level (across most of the missions), it's a high scorer. Mind you, we only review the best mods so you've probably gathered that by now anway.

Final Score 8.8/10 "Not to be missed"


Edited by GiWeDa
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I have been trying out this mod for about four days now,with all the different skins and weps, and this has just been pure fun!

I really like the beach and island village maps, and new missions on these are just what the doctor ordered.

I actually think the most interesting game is the polling center Rescue mission. Starting with just a pistol(and not a zoom pistol) then collecting the dead enemy weps is something totally original for GR. I just wish that the ghosts being held hostage could somehow watch through the eyes of their rescuer instead of watching the map!

All in all, this is one cool mod. Thanks Nkognito! :ph34r:

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It is cool! Check out game room for NK's server he hosts alot and provides a good fun environment. You do need to have a little patience Ghost Rescue, but I have always had fun even when I am the last hostage.

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when the game starts, all of the players on the server are paired up and distributed around the map. Unfortunately they are unarmed, and guarded by kidnappers. One wrong move and they will be shot, and the game ends.

How many guards per pair of Ghosts?

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it varies some hostages have only one some two and at some points in the game the hostage can be guarded by up to three and have a patrol around their local...the beauty is a lot of the spawns and insertion at start up are random so if u made one block last time with no conflict don't be so sure it will be the same the next time... :devil: ...Jack57 did a great job making this a lil bit differant every time you play...plus their are a few surprises you are just going to have to find out on your own... :devil:

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  • 2 months later...

Better late than never I suppose :rolleyes:

Although I contributed a mission to this mod I have only recently had the opportunity to play ~NkOgNiTo~'s missions in co-op mode. I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed them. There's some very imaginative scripting been done here and while the emphasis is on fun, with just two of us we found the enemy very challenging. Infinite respawn was the order of the day :blink: New skins and weapons were excellent also.

Great job ~NkOgNiTo~ - I'm only sorry it's taken me so long to get around to playing it.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and play this mod!

Jack :rocky:

ps: be sure to grab the patch

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  • 3 weeks later...
Are the missions coop only - or can they be played in SP mode?

They can be played SP but are primarily designed to be played in co-op mode.

. . . but have been captured!
It is written so - don't fight it :rocky:

Cheers :P

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  • 2 weeks later...
Great job ~NkOgNiTo~ - I'm only sorry it's taken me so long to get around to playing it.

Thx, that a means a lot coming from you... :D .... sorry it took me so long to see this post... :lol:

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  • 4 months later...

yeah, yeah, i know, i'm resembeling ubi with all my patches... :P

well, here is another one....

Shadow Guy Fixes

(extract to C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\Nk'sGHOSTS\mission)

...you may still see them, but if you shoot one the server should not crash...this also makes the mod a little more dedi server friendly...unfortunatly i am informed by the great Jack57 that the mission "Ghost Recue" is not dedi server friendly at all, because of the awesome cinematics and innovative scripting it may cause the dedi server to crash, and if it dosn't the gameplay may get corrupted...I STILL ENCOURAGE ALL TO DOWNLOAD THE PATCH AND GIVE "GHOST RESCUE" A RUN ON REGULAR HOSTING, ESPECIALLY COOP TEAMS THIS MISSION IS A GREAT TRAINING EXERCISE!! (and a lot of fun too!!!) ....as for running this mod on a dedi you may want to go to your C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\Nk'sGHOSTS\mission folder and cut and paste the mission file j01_avenue_of_hope.mis into a seperate folder so it is not loaded by mistake on your dedi...thanks to Jack for reworking the "Ghost Rescue" mission for me, and to all those who helped with this mod and to those who have supported it...


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I just played this mod the other day and really enjoyed myself. Found out the hard way about shooting the shadow guys. Wasn't me that shot him, but it still crashed the server. :(

We found some of the glitches with Ghost Rescue. It was a lot of laughs where the rescuer had no weapons in which to rescue the ghost (only two of us playing), or where we were able to walk right past the guards and "escape", however the mission still wouldn't end when we got to extraction. I look forward to playing this when we have more people on the server. :rocky:

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  • 3 years later...

was wanting to put this back up on my comps...was too lazy to dig out cd...so i went hunting for it...not sure the fileplanet links are active any more, but you can still get it from 3d retreat...

mod: http://files.3dretreat.com/download.asp?fi...36&catid=85

patch: http://files.3dretreat.com/download.asp?fi...41&catid=85

shadow guy fix: coming soon

i'll still have to get the shadow guy fix dug out and uploaded...so if your interested...keep an eye out here.

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