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just an idea...

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hey all i do a lot of game programming and stuff, and i think its time we had our own game... purely multiplayer, where u customize ur character loadout, weapon loadout, and actually use the lights, lasers, and optics. and see the weapon in ur view haha. there is one open source game engine im messing with called Existence, the developer is really pushing it forward... i think with yalls abilities we could really do something. the engine uses the GPL, and i know yall can create models from scratch...well just think about it.

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theres only 7 guys working on it ... hmmmm. no ragdolls or character stuff. looks very 'street'.



for $100 you get some serious piece of mind with Torque... that titles have actually been shipped, and that GarageGames, a reputable developer, is backing you up with a lot more than 7 guys :)

i think they will help / publish the title as well

So are you ready to embark on a 20 man-year schedule, to be completed in one year by 20 men ? cuz thats wut it takes to build a game, at minimum, that might miss the bargain bin and land one shelf up from that...(the $15 shelf?)

Lol. Count me out. been there, done that. too much work without paycheck. After working on some award winning titles and getting paid (somewhat) for it, i no longer have the drive to go down that long road again.

But I digress - if you've not yet typed your millionth line of c++, or helped write some award winning titles, it is entirely possible you might still have the energy to build a game on your own time.

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