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Wishlist for GR3 PC

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Said it all really.

from a server point of view I would like to see some realy good server tools for this game the tools we have now are way past their sell by date.

SDK As well.

I noticed in the xbox, sorry about swearing, download pack 2 had some new game types and skins they looked very cool

Just a note if gr3 is going to knock our socks off I would pay well over the odds for it.

GR1 has lasted me 4 years a very good investment, bit like the wife really.

From my daughters point of view =sealz=Deanne she would like to see more girlie uniforms and better female communication in the game.

Im sorry guys I know what you are thinking but she would kill me if I didnt say anything.

This is what I would like to see in GR3 FOR PC



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- First Person Weapons.

- Realistic Scope and Sight views.

- Realistic Weapon Models with realisitc reload animations etc...

- No third person view at all. ( look at how people play rogue spear online you will see why)

- Ability to pickup weapons.

- Medics only to stop bleeding wich could cause your team m8 to die.

- Multiplayer shout commands, Like AA where you can yell out loud, on the radio, or use hand signals. 

- More realistic run speeds.

- Realistic Bullet hits

- Realistic Character Model Damage

- Better Voice acting.

Ill think of some more later.

Everything i would have said, two things you left out.

- Total Mod Support :)

- Urban settings(maps, flashbangs, smoke, skins, and weapons(like the mp5))

FULL SDK with code for full modding. UT-style.

Maya PLE support.

Optional 1st person weapon view with IRON sights, maybe even a small weapons option.

Field of vision option. (Along with multi-monitor support, for those who have money...)

FULL SDK with code for full modding. UT-style.

Stat tracker, UT04-style (including ban count).

That's about it...

I can't wait for E3!!!


Toggleable First Person Weapon View

Customizable weapons as per AA

Better usage of snipers

Realistic bullet damage

Blood please

More detailed but still relatively simple command system (orders to use grenades, etc)

Better AI but not superhumans

Gameplay directed more towards actual Special Forces actions

No Land Warrior system

Variety of hand grenade choices (flashbang, thermite, smoke of various colors, high explosive, etc)

Better CQB maps

An actual release and perhaps some screenshots and videos while we wait for it

YES! The release would be nice!

I have faith in you RSE!

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Toggleable First Person Weapon View

Customizable weapons as per AA

Larger teams

Better usage of snipers

Realistic bullet damage

Blood please

More detailed but still relatively simple command system (orders to use grenades, etc)

Better AI but not superhumans

Gameplay directed more towards actual Special Forces actions

No Land Warrior system

Variety of hand grenade choices (flashbang, thermite, smoke of various colors, high explosive, etc)

Better CQB maps

An actual release and perhaps some screenshots and videos while we wait for it

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Most of what I have thought has been said..but here are my list of MUST HAVE's I wish I had some firsthand knowledge of GR2 to see what had been changed..but I do not.

1) The most important aspect...is that it be open to modding. This site alone has kept this game going.

2) Goes into the modding issue...but to be able to modify your own character. With the help of many on here...My Shadow Company Squad now all have our actual faces in the game...and all have a different look.. Nothing is as cool as looking behind you..and actually seeing the face of one of your best friends covering your six. Let us put our faces in the game..and I agree give a MADDEN like chr. creation....ie....adjustable height and weight. To me the FUN of these games is the total immersion... and seeing your actual buddies adds to it.

3) I have no idea how the medic function worked on GR2..But I think its a nice addition in principle...Like was stated...Medic should be to STOP bleeding....so instead of a medic "Healing" you...he should be able to keep you from dying. The longer you go without medical attention the worse you get.

4) I would like to see the fireman cary installed. Obviously for the no man left behind concept...but it could work well in mission form. A Chopper was shot down...get to the pilot and extract him before troops arrive. Also...if the AI is up to par...hiding a fallen enemy like in Splinter cell could add to the fun.

5) Freedom in kit selection...multiple inventory spots....2 weapon slots as well as a few accessories slots...smoke, frag, flashbang....much like RVS

6) I read something about multiple smoke colors...could be very fun...Take the example above...your carrying out a chopper pilot...Your evac wont come in until it sees the red smoke....and you have to defend your EZ until it arrives.

7) MAPS MAPS and more maps...I like them big..I like them small. I want to be able to go into most buildings...even if they are empty when I get there...that will just make mel let my guard down. I love the idea of working acrossed a wilderness map...only to have to sweep through a small town....it changes up your tactics and would make you rely more on your teammates in CO-OP. It would make you use your secondary weapon.. My sniper rifle worked great to get here...but now I need to use my pistol to clear that building...so I can snipe from the roof.

8) Would like to see all the missions, and briefings of SP put into CO-OP MP. I only play CO-OP and feel it gets the least attention ....SP has to be strong for obvious reasons...and MP seems to focus on adversarial.... Like to see a STRONG CO-OP side.

9) Maps have to have the GRID...and I agree...being able to draw on Command maps during game play could help with CO-OP planning.

I dont have any issues with chat, or command signals....as I have built my own intercom system for my lan parties. :D

10) Which is actually just point 1 again....give us a solid updated...advanced GR1...and the ability to MOD it....

SteelHack....aka BEAST

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i aggree with pretty much everything here but especially SG's idea of weapon customization a'la AA, this would be sweet with full supprot for everything like ANPEQ2, different scopes, ANPVS14, etc also make nearly every long weapon able to take the addons

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- 3 SQUADS, up to 12 operators.

- "real" squad AI

- full featured and intuitive squad command system with either tac map or line of sight, including go to, recon, suppress, fall in orders, plus context sensitive orders for your squad to attack, go to, suppress, recon, action orders. Build on the context sensitive orders from GR 2

- more realistic enemy movement animation.

- mature rating, blood and death animations plus ragdoll.

- dynamic missions and campaigns

- open ended maps and missions

- suppressed weapons and more weapons.

- better net code for MP

- replays and better kick options

- keeps and improve the vehicle AI from GR 2

- more professional finish, in terms of voice acting and scripted lines

- keep the gun camera weapon, limit it to a few missions in campaign, all missions in quick mission and kit restrictions for MP

- better weapon sounds

- more destructible buildings tied to mission objectives

- keep the air strikes

- keep the 4 slot kit selection

- go back to a traditional military briefing with objectives, maps, photos

- forget the "get to know your ghosts" stuff, keep it professional.

- add some building interiors for some CQB, just a little for variety.

- bring back the binocs

- completely redo the Ubi service, get rid of the cheats, hacks and ghosting, and the profanity.

- random enemy placement.

- no "super hearing" or "head shot wonders" in enemy AI. Smarter enemy AI, not superhuman abilities.

- keep the medic feature and add to MP, at least to coop.

- toggle the radar, threat indicator, fire indicators

- direct IP for MP and support for ASE

- more kit selections for all missions

- enhance the skin selector

- keep the OTS view with the FPV as default, make it easy to toggle ingame.

- keep the combat roll

- full mod support with a robust mission editor and all plugins


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oh yeah, and get rid of the ubi.com service for GR2. Its badly designed, unregulated and is full of hackers. A server search utility similar to what HL2 or UT has would be much more useful.

If you must use ubi.com then let ASE pick those servers up to so we dont get the community segmented into the ubi crowd and the ASE crowd as before.

Defintaely 3 squads, 12 men as a maximum, i dont want to lose the feel of small unit tactics, that said, 4 is way too little, my preference would be 8.

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Yeah, i liked having 8 guys in my squad before and i would like it to be that way now. I also only play coop missions with my friends. So i hope that the SP and MP coop are top notch.

Please release the SDK. How many other games are still as popular as GR1, out for 4 years now, and it's all cause of the modding.

I hope that if there are vehicles that they are only for eye candy/support/escort/etc. Let's not make this anothe BF1942 were any joe blow can mysteriously hop ina chopper/tank and go crazy. Yes these SF guys are hard core and trained for it, but they are on covert missions and not supposed to draw attention to themselves.

Let us be able to customize our own squad. More so than on GR1. Name, appearance, BDU's (like R6), and definatley attributes. I loved being able to adjust the skill points to my guys in GR1... so just improve on that system some.

Everyone here has very sound ideas. And everyone, for the most part, agrees with almost everyone elses ideas. Hint Hint. If you could pull it off and create the game as close to what we ask for then the entire community will be happy with the release.

Oh yeah, dont keep us in the dark this time. Let us know whats going on and ask for our opinions, although you're gonna get them anyway.


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all real good so far aggree with all the points made this far. Please RSE/UBI don't let us down. One point to add maby allow more items available in your kit than just the 2 in GR1. And Please release MOD tools for GR3.

Definitely MOD tools. If they can release a map building/editing program gr3 would live forever. That's one of the things that is holding gr back. you have to be a 3dsm master.

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-better collision detection.

-better tools(SDK?) to really make GR3 scream.

-simplified tools, ie tools for adding doorways,portals,trees,occluders etc..

-better graphics and better view distances so rifleman can't pick snipers off at X hundred meters.

-add the lighting tool to the IGOR editor(or whatever name it will be)for adding lighting on the fly.

-release us from using.rsb files and go to jpg, psx or the best file formatted textures.

-keep any havoc physics for objects on the map.

-add a feature to allow us to boot into GR to try out our maps from within IGOR

-a better pdf file than before on making maps, chr files, weapons etc.

-maps should be atleast 1000x1000 for fun of snipers and everyone.

for GR specific;

-add voice communication so we don't need to have 3 different systems( Ventrilo, TS & roger wilco) on our pc's integrated into the game.

-a kind of a anti-cheat, have all players who die be sent to the games waiting lobby after they die so they can't tell the living where the baddies are...the dead can't talk..right?

-enhance the netcode for GR3 so it doesn't lag like a 80 year old grandma going to the toilet.

-longer player names to allow for team tags. (within reason.)

-add hackcam feature to allow all viewers to see who's using cheats.

-allow for unit patches so teams can enjoy team integrity.

-Allow for kits to contain whatever they want. a sniperrifle and asault rifle(SPV4) style

-allow for command maps to look like real topographical military maps(if possible) perhaps allow IGOR to generate gridlines and contour lines according to the maps design.

that's all I can think of for now.

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In order of priority,

_Keep the GR1 lobby.


_Open non linear maps/missions.

_more dynamic rets, Sniper weapon can wobble a lil.

_add more intelligence and variety to the AI. The more they can do the better.

_Give alot of buttons for the host to check or uncheck.

_Keep the game true to the original, the AI should not react unless they have a reason to.(hear you, see you, or see a squad member down, in other words, alow the mission to be played with some type of stealth.) Diff alert levels would be great.

_realistic ballistics, I hope I dont see mself taking half a dozen shots from an AK and still survive.

_more character animations and a better way to view them in igor for scripters to utilize.

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As much as i think this wish list is pointless, as most the content will already have been decided.

One thing i'd like to see improved is how the weapons interact:-

If your running around on say Zoom 1, anything your shooting is effectively "from the hip" shots and therefore less accurate.(Maybe even no Reticule is visible)

As you Zoom in you bring the weapon up to your shoulder, your screen should change like that of the Sniper view, as if your viewing through the scope, and then your more accurate, this can easily be coupled with the accuracy dependant on your stance,prone/crouched etc...

You should only be able to Zoom in your scope if your static or maybe shuffling.

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Another good idea is that we shoud be able to pick the camo you wear your apperance and well kinda like madden where you cna customize every thing so then like clans and stuff can hve their own look and personality and if the ai could be affected by the camo like if i wear a ghille suit I wouldn't want to be seen at the same spot that i could wearing blue jeans and camo like the original.

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One downside to that idea is an increase in team killing, especially if everyone is running around in a different uniform.

Since I put all my buddies faces in the game..the team kills have dropped a little even with the different looks. I put call names on the backs of vests....but moslty..you just get used to seeing your buddies uni.

But all wearing the same uni..or different uni...there is still plenty of friendly fire when you turn a corner..see a guy..and hit the panic button...in this case...AHAHA..FIRE FIRE FIRE. Makes you restart...but also makes for plenty of laughs.

Being able to "put" yourself in the game has become my biggest wish for GR3. I cant believe how much it has added to our SHADOW COMPANY LAN PARTY.


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  • 3 weeks later...

I think the most important thing is to keep it real, real sounds, gun stats anims etc

just like AA (It felt so good to hear the sound of frags in AA.. just like it sounded when I threw some in the army...)

It would also be cool to have lots of preprogrammed team moves (flanking, covering fire etc.) something like football games when you get to plan the plays.

Also troops from all NATO countries

Possibily to split or regroup your squand during the missons.


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  • 1 month later...

I don't write much overhere, I read a lot. Maybe it's because of my age, maybe it's not, wha'ever...

Yo' dev's and company marketing managers; wake up and try to release the PC-game for real this time!!

I even bought me a PS2 to play GR2 and that has been the 2nd worst decision of my life. First worst was my ex wife & her family, but that's another story. I'm not gonna tell you all about that kinda hell ;o)

And dev's if you can manage; execute that so called GR3 release before I'm a real oldtimer, sit on my porch in a rocking chair and I start telling my grandchildren about the time that grandpa played GR-1 online with gamers all over the globe or in Lan and had a real, REAL good time behind his CRT and a AMD Athlon based pc. That GR1 was a computergame with a sort of feeling of real action asif grandpa was back in -his 10 years lasting- active duty again.

That's all folks!

Ohhww.... uhhhh.... btw:

1) also make it mod-able like GR1, so the non-commercial & non-company dev's hopefully return to the moddingscene and make GR3 even better as the game can be.

2) get rid of the 2013-and-later green & red lines around friends/foe's. We live in 2005 these days and I'm sure other things will happen in 2012+

3) don't put a screaming wannabe fake hero on the gamecover again.

4) first person view and get rid of that silly 3th person view.

5) make the P-i-P's removable by demand.

6) concentrate on realism eventough it's a computergame.

7) bring back the possibillity to control ALL teammembers instead of only the squadleader [or CEO as the people at the GR3-dev.building may call the boss these days imho.] I.o.w.: I wanna be able to snipe, to frag and to immobilize armour aswell when I play off-line.

8) Give us something to handle and to take care about. Realistic weapons and realistic personal damage for example.

9) Do thy thing overthere at the dev's office, but plz don't forget who you are working for. (don't mean the CEO)

10) Don't feel offended, all of the above are just thoughts/wishes of a GR dedicated European PLC.

That's really all.... (for now)

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GR3 for PC sounds like a must buy.... I just learned it will support new Physi cs Processing Unit :<) IF GR3 fully supports this technology ... I will install a PPU into my system ...(AMD 64 3800, ATI 800 w 256mem, LE .. one meg ram.... should fly)

But how is this going to play in multiplayer?

I would switch to high end cable... 6/784? ... to achieve low latency....

Your thoughts are welcome...


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