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If we're lucky, maybe GR will pull a Devil May Cry scenario.

DMC1 - Awesome game

DMC2 - A piece of junk . . .

DMC3 - Glorious game that returns to the roots of Devil May Cry

I for one have high hopes for GR3 if they're willing to dump a project that meant so much to the community. Also notice that they dropped it to try and meet the high expectations of said community. I personally would rather have a hundred dollars later then ten dollars now, so as long as GR3 looks and sounds better then the second one over the next few months, I'm going to keep my hopes high.

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Am I the only Glass Half Full person here? I think its an excellent decision, I thought that 6months time wasnt near enough to change GR2 into what the PC gamer wants. Hopefully the profits from GR2 are funding GR3 to be the hardcore game we really want it to be.

Go ubi and RSE, nice to see you had your heads screwed on after all. Youve made 1 fine game in GR1 Im sure you can do it again.

Truth is, GR is going on 5 years old. GR2 has had more than ample time to be developed properly and publicized as was GR. They honestly built GR for the PC, then for the consoles. But now i see they are developing GR2 for the consoles and NOT for the PC. Just by that fact alone, I'm inclined to say and think that we can deduct who they really look to develop for. The PC seems to be dying. I read that they don't want to offend us by releasing a sub-standard game for the PC. Am I right to say the game was sub standard as it is? If it was good for the console, then obviously it was GIGO from the start. But be it as it may, Shall we start a poll on who can guess how many patches it will take to get it to work?..cough..RvS, Cough..RvS :whistle:

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All I can really say is that this is really frustrating. I felt a little shafted when they just threw gr2 out on consoles despite it gaining most of it's fame on pc. But I still play my GR1 damn near daily, if not for hours at a time! Other games have come and gone, but thanks to the outstanding efforts of the modding community my attention has never fallen from GR1. Anyway, I figured in the end I'd be disappointed with GR2, but didn't figure that it would be due to it being scrapped.

Part of this is my own understanding of what this situation was. I was under the impression that the two versions of GR2 essentially paired of. X-box and PC were gonna get one storyline while PS2 and Gamecube got another. I can say that I did like GR2 on playstation 2, but it wasn't the GR2 I wanted. It was too limited. One loadout and you'd better pick it right. And just the shabby selection of weapons for it were enough to let me down. The third person view wasn't as big of a disaster as I'd expected, but losing the ability to load a member with a vital piece of kit and use it when the A.I. won't, like when it is still firing pistol rounds at the tank instead of the bloody AT! what allowed me to put GR2 down so fast. I haven't seen the x-box version run, but I'm interested since most of what was in all the commercials wasn't on my PS2 version.

Anyway, if worst comes to worst, maybe we'll get lucky with an armed rebellion at UBI! Maybe RSE will scream for insurrection! I'm willing to keep plugging away with GR1 and mods until something appears for PC. But I'm a skeptic at this point. It's back to UBI and RSE now, and they have the responsibility to make it happen. We want GR on PC!

Finally, maybe if it really is oppression from above, the dev team might want to think about going their own way to release what the GR community wants. If that means leaving RSE and UBI and starting on your own, like I believe happened with members leaving the Medal Of Honor franchise and making Call Of Duty, then that should be kept in mind!

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If we consider Ubisoft's Splinter Cell process:

Splinter Cell: Fantastic game, rich and full.

Splinter Cell 2: A follow up. New content, but not really an improvement (other than the addition of MP), with promises of new features falling flat.

Splinter Cell 3: A proper sequel to the SP side of SC1, with improvement to the MP side as well.

#3 is part of the evolution. #2 was nothing much more than a mission pack, with the "new features" falling flat, to the SP player, which is the core of the players, no matter how big the MP crowd is.

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The bad news confirmed
Well, there we have it! I have to say I'm not angry or unhappy about this announcement, because this continued GR2 speculation and Ubi's, keeping-a-global-community-being-kept-in-the dark 'thing' has gone on for nearly a year, and it's just old and I'm weary of it.

With Nintendo and Sony about to announce very big 'obvious' news next month, it would make sense for Ubi to focus on next gen'. The announcement does not mention next gen', but nor does it mention the word console either, so it will be interesting to see what consoles RSE are developing GR3 for.

........but we did not want to risk releasing a final product that did not meet their high expectations.

Flattering or patronising? Just out of interest, what will RSE do with all that GR2 PC code, because I take it GR3 is something completely new, so they can't pick out the good bits! For the record, at E3 last year, both RSE and Ubi (US) told me that GR2 PC was being developed, and yes I KNOW [Admin/Staff] it wasn't a console port, but what happened to it? Sounds to me that, although it may not have been a port, it was going to be a damn good console likeness.

Well, on the positive side, Ubi 'have' told us officially, that there will be a PC successor to our beloved GR. That statment is overly late AFAIC, but at least we can hold them to it now. It'll be interesting to see how Ubi market the game and see if they keep the community informed.

Funny......I've just done a GR search in play.com;

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2

Due for release on 28/07/2005

our price: £24.99 Delivered

RRP: £34.99 You save: £10.00 (28%)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 3

Due for release on 01/08/2005

our price: £24.99 Delivered

RRP: £34.99 You save: £10.00 (28%)

Yeah.....I'd have probably skipped GR2 and gone for GR3 four days later......saved meself a small fortune :rofl:

BTW......the GR franchise should be around for a while, because its 'Future' has been discussed :ph34r:

I wonder if my 'then' five and a half year old PC will run GR3 :hmm:

DS :santa:

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What scum bags.

What are they talking about 'in the interests of the gamers'?

How about they release GR2 when they promised then release GR3 a year later? They won't see us complaining about that.

In any case the Q4 2005 release date for the PC gr3 ain't gonna happen we all know that. So why not just get her done and release her in June as promised then give us GR3 in August 2006 as probably will happen with GR3.

Too busy developing two extra content packs for the xbox to 'allocate' any manpower to finishing off the pc gr2.

Well i get my GR fix from playing the Obsidian Edge mod these days anyway so I'm not as jacked off as i would have been.

I just jackes me off when in the same release they break a promise and then make a new one. Like anyone is going to believe them.

I hope they release GR3 for the pc in Q4 actually and no one buys it cause they are all playing Battlefield 2.

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Serellan, should we be hope full or not? If we wait until E3 will we be rewarded?

All the xboxers I know love GR2 (multi-player especially). I was only worried about the over the shoulder and linear single player maps. I think these were some of the major issues for most PC people. That seems like such a minor issue to overcome. Scrapping the game seems so extreme.

Because you are so dedicated too the game, I guess I will finally breakdown and get xbox. (But you better be working on GR3 PC unported)

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I wonder what kind of proof We have that RS was really working on PC version of GR2 back in time when GR2 was developed for consoles?

And even thought We got this "bombastic" news and RS people are reading this forum they still have no desire to make post and comment all this!?

Just like it was in last few years, silence and darkness…nice...


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The only thing that makes me think is if they think we had high expectations for GR2. Well now its canceled i see the high expectations for GR3 just went 5 folds!

You know double for GR2 and now GR3 so that times 4 plus alittle extra for the wait.

So they better know what they doing becuase the high expectations better be met becuase the bar just rised! And i might be welling to wait it out and cheer them on if i only knew what engine they where usen. If it happens to be the old engine i might get it yes but the high expectations are not met! All i can say is i hope they use the Far Cry engine or HL2 engine or maybe a brand new engine that blows these two away. So at this moment it all falls on what engine they usen if the high expectations are to be met and they add the damn limp back in!!!! Who do we really have to beat over there to keep the LIMP they always seem to be tring to sneak that one out! Heck i even hope they would add in a feature that takes out the legs altogther and you fall to the ground and have to crowl. Well they can keep that one out but they better keep the LIMP!

So now if they want good support from me they better of choose a good engine!

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RSE never use someone elses engine. They would most likely make a inhouse engine just like they did with GR1.

All i wanna see is screenshots when they get it going. And have a different story..none of this north korean stuff because this isnt GR2, this is a new game with a new title, none of this screaming man, lets have GR1 style back.

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...as if we didn't know already... :wacko: i'm not too dissapointed, tho, as we now know, that it'll be a game, that is intended to come out on pc, and therefor intended to please us, the pc-fanbase. so....lets see, with what they'll come up.

anyways: until gr3 and/or rs4/5 will be out, i'm having fun with swat4. it exceeds ravenshield in nearly every way and is great on mp. played it on a lan last weekend with 4 other players in coop. its sooo much fun, when you're out with the "right" guys.

my respect goes to irrational games! great job guys!

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RSE never use someone elses engine. They would most likely make a inhouse engine just like they did with GR1.

Im fine with a inhouse engine and well be happy with it! All im saying is the old engine should not be used for GR3. GR2 would of been fine with the old one but even still it was almost past its time for a new one anyways and should not be used for GR3! So if they do not happen to use the Cry Tek or HL2 engine all i can say is i hope they do rebuild a brand new inhouse engine becuase its going to need it to reach must peoples high expectations as they said they where worried about. I don't believe the old one well work this time around is all i ment to say!

I now have very high hopes for GR3 and can't say i well be happy with anything but a new engine and i hope the the new engine well meet around the same levels as Cry teks or HL2 engine would make or even better. I would like to see GR3 be the best it can be. Maybe im aiming to high, but i thought the same for GR2 and if they thought my high expectations where high for GR2 well GR3 just went higher.

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We did not want to disappoint the loyal Ghost Recon fans, but we did not want to risk releasing a final product that did not meet their high expectations.

Perhaps if the PC fans did not have such "high expectations" or were less demanding, a GR2 Xbox to PC port with mod tools included would have been a success.

There's also no doubt in my mind that a port of the Xbox multiplayer to PC would have totally rocked.

And even if a GeForce 3 level GPU in the Xbox is a little old, a GR2 port on the PC with the latest hardware would have looked absolutely gorgeous at 1600x1200 with all the eye candy on.

I hope fans here don't forget that probably some of the most disappointed people are the devs at RSE who found out that their hard work on GR2 PC would never see the light. :(

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Funny to see how many reactions to this news make people react with commets that kind of equals the comments after the news of GR2 :blink:

Same discussions, same questions, same.......of everything.

E3? What about some console screens and vids? No PC info? No offcourse not because that is a special version which is developt completely on its own, and has nothing to do with any other version of GR. I wonder how all those people with the positive meanings/thoughts will react than? Still believe them? :sheep:

Many things are very much the same as a year ago, so why should this story not continue as a year ago?

History has the urge (or however you say that) to repeat itself. So who is UBI to change the course of history? The only urge Ubi has is to make as much money as fast as possible, which I completely understand and support as someone in business but as a gamer I think some :devil: negative thoughts about that.

I hope for the best but to be honest, I dont even care anymore. I will believe in GR3 once I see it hanging in the shop where I can really feel and smell the DVD box.

If the info shown on E3 shows us real PC info and not or not only console stuff, I might get a little more positive but this wont change my believing in an actual release for PC.

Ubi, :thumbsup:

You are a very fine company. Thanks to EA I make money with you otherwise I was bankrupt.


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GR1 is alive and still going thanks to our community and no one else.

This stamtment last night was made via the forums. not an official press release.

Looking forward to a game that someone tells me is going to be great, like im gonna take your word for it.

Give us some details of gr3 for pc. Is it in development ????



The quote below by CR6 has my full support

I hope fans here don't forget that probably some of the most disappointed people are the devs at RSE who found out that their hard work on GR2 PC would never see the light.

I wont forget sorry people, much respect.


Colin =SEALZ=Community

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I'll accept this defeat IF AND ONLY IF GR3 would not be released on consoles which GR2 was released. It must be fair and square console gamers!

Ubisoft is now a pesky capitalist only concentrating on making money (due to the high market of console games) forgetting the essence of gaming (GR was borned in pc! damn it)

Ubisoft commited a fan genocide, for leaving us loyal gamers

Ubisoft gave us pain and false hopes. See some secrecy and media blackout has nothing in it

GR3 must be GR2 to us pc gamers let the console players wait for false hopes this time. they must also exerience this kind of pain in the ass.

Its not good to see GR1 then GR3 in my collection of pc games, where the hell is the second? it looks like I missed something in the collection.

I AM GOING TO BUY A PIRATED COPY OF GR2 and play it in an emulator to show that this is $#!+

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Anybody sticking up for UBI is out of there mind! This is nonsense. Like some others have said, release GR2 and then wait longer on GR3 so we can have what we want. How can they act like they care about the gamers when they screw us around so much? All UBI has ever done is screwed with the people who give em their paychecks. Only game worth anything right now from them(just cause they aint made up their minds to screw us "yet") is RVS. And they still aint dropped Rainbow Six: Lockdown so they still got a chance to screw us there. Between GR2 and GT4 not having online, I just want to quit gaming. Will these people ever get it right? Answer is simple and the same one we got today. NO!

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