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UK Community Manager

  posted 11 Apr 2005 11:56 AM 



"This decision was not an easy one.

We did not want to disappoint the loyal Ghost Recon fans, but we did not want to risk releasing a final product that did not meet their high expectations. With the launch of Ghost Recon 3 planned for Winter 2005, significant human resources were needed to ensure the quality of the future instalment of the series, thus potentially jeopardizing the quality of either Ghost Recon 2 PC or Ghost Recon 3. Taking into account their close release dates, and the fact that we felt the third opus would be a much more satisfying and evolved gaming experience, we were forced to conclude that it was in the interest of gamers for us to cancel the PC version of Ghost Recon 2. But Ghost Recon 3 on PC will hit shelves the fourth quarter of 2005, so the wait won’t be long, and will definitely be worth it."


I realise that this isn't a very nice thing to happen at all, and feel free to vent here, but please don't let your emotions get carried away with yourself. Anyone who breaks the forum rules could find their posts are removed.

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Ubisoft Community Manager

  posted 11 Apr 2005 12:06 PM 

Sorry for the bad news, folks. I am happy to know that there is commitment to GR3 PC.

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from http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=40...42&m=4201090703

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I don't care as long as GR 3 for PC is a really good squad tactical shooter. Better a late fall release of a good game than a release of a half assed game or PC port. I still need GR, SWAT 4 is great and FTF looks good too, but they are both CQB and I need the wide open spaces of GR. I am content to wait.

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LMFAO! Why did i knew something like this is going to happen...

So winter 2005? Gets released for xbox first and then a port to PC? And then this wont be good and this and this.... Maybe we getting it for spring 2011...

Why UBI didnt said that for christmas? They already knew back then i guess... :nono:

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Man i wish they would of just releashed GR2 as a port at least we would of still got it!

Now we got to look for GR3 which well must likely come from Xbox2 first again and still well be a port! We just can't win here can we? They mind as well say GR for PC is dead and move to consel if you ever want to see GR again! :wall:

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i think for prosperity it would still be nice to see the GR2 report GR.net has done.

What you are going to get is a report about my visit to the RSE studios. As part of that report there will be a piece about working with the xbox platform vs a PC platform. I was never approved for an exclusive GR2 interview, although at that time they were working on the PC version which, as you now know, has since been canceled. :(

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My question is, why are they calling it GR3 now? What difference does it make if it's released now or in the fourth quarter of this year, there still isn't a GR2 for PC out to move onto GR3 already. In my opinion, GR2 for XBox doesn't count for PC's versions. Oh well, doesn't make any sense to me.


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In real life those brave souls who go out and fight in real wars with real bullets have a saying "Leave no one behind."


You'll get what you deserve; I look forward to the day EA buy them up lock stock, and hopefully downsize the idiots responsible for this decision.


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My question is, why are they calling it GR3 now?

1. Eisenhower 2. Stonewall 3. "Insert Generals Name Here" :P

Even though there is no PC GR2, there is for the consoles, so its pretty easy to understand why they wouldn't market a "GR2 PC" and a "GR3 Console" that are derivitives of the same project.

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As far as I am concerned UBI has it's work cut out for them if they want to win back this customer. This has gone on for too long with too little to show for it. After my last trip down UBI's road of promises, RE: Harpoon4, and seeing others go down it as well, RE: RvS, promises and words of "trust us" carry little weight with me. I certainly hope that this time maybe they can see it in their "good graces" to maybe take care of the PC market first this time. That will be a step in the right direction for me. I still have the same expectations as before and now having had the chance to experience a real FPS tactical sim (that's simulation as in not a game) I can honestly say they have really got their work cut out for them. It is truely possible to cater to all platforms, from the low end to high end machines and still deliver a quality product. So the excuses they used with Harpoon 4 will fall on deaf ears with me, at least, this time. No matter what others want to say or how they want to feel it was the PC community that gave Ghost Recon it's jump start and then kept it alive through the modding community. To forget this or minimize it is not only an injustice but a blatent slap in the face of those that started with the original. What I will say is that it's up to UBI to prove people like me wrong and I hope they do it. Either way it makes little difference to me at this point because I have found my replacement to Ghost Recon and all future UBI games should they drop the ball this time.

Stout Hearts


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I think GR is dead for the PC and has been since the release of IT; Ubi's last official GR release.

They have done nothing but make empty promises, and have kept none.

What is funny though, is their PC base is what made GR what it is, not their console base. GR for the console sucked.

GR for the PC is however, still selling 5, I repeat 5 years after it's release, because of the PC, the PC players, modders, and fans. All of whom have now received the supreme shaft into dark, unknown places.

Meanwhile for us PC players, we have HL2, CS:S, HL:S, and BF2 coming in June, along with First To Fight.

Ubi has been stringing us along for 2 years with hopes of GR2, and has yet to deliver. And as someone above pointed out, they made grand promises for RvS, and failed us miserably there also.

I fear I am also done with Ubi. Too many broken promises. I wouldn't believe a word they said now, even if they paid me to.

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We'll at least they came out and said it at last.

More than anything it was the silence that was beginning to really irk. By not officially announcing what we were already starting to resign ourselves to, it's like they were stringing us along.

Until today as far as anyone knew, officially Ghost Recon 2 was still on and by not playing fair to the fans and letting us know earlier that it was cancelled, Ubi have strung us along, and will have lost whatever "loyalty" their flagging Ghost Recon fan base had along the way.

To win some of those fans back they only have to do one thing, and that is to hold true to what they have promised now.

".....cancelled to focus on making a quality GR3 PC version"

Quality and version being the key words - the word "port" will be added to the swear filter here if I see it used ad nauseum. :nono:

And we are getting it this year, for Christmas no less. I can wait - if it is quality and has countless PC enhancements over those dang consoles! :thumbsup:

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