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Dear Ubisoft....

Cpl Ledanek

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Dear Ubisoft

Thank you for not releasing a game that we wouldn't play anyway. I hope we, Ubisoft and GR fans can come to a plane of happiness, content and greater appreciation of each others existence...*hits the bong* Hope to see you with


Thank you



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Dear Ubisoft,

Gav80 was right.

Well, I didn't want to say anything, but.... :lol:

It does happen occasionally, but this is one of those times where I'd actually've rather been proved wrong...

Lmao at the "I lost my mouse, can you help" line...

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Dear Ubisoft,

,kjbdgfndfnblinjk,WMFMAFDBN ,JNLINV.KKN.AFJDBNLNDFBNNJKLNKJk.jnb.sdkv k.nfblkjandf


dafvbadflnb ,jkfbvjinknvbndafjknvdafv..,bnjknfwbviudaubfreaubk,jnbv.kbndf




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No way Sart. How can it be overboard? This game is going to stop world hunger and prevent war and what happens? Those son of a ###### cancel it. They should have carried on, made a crap game as their hearts weren't in it and let us waste our £25 on it. Man I'm annoyed.

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