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Introducing War League Gaming

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Hello folks,

A lot of people out there are worried that Ghost Recon is dying out. New games are coming and with that, people are focussing their time on something new versus something old.

There are still those of us, however, who want to see Ghost Recon keep going. As an experienced FPS gamer, I've come to love this game. The friendship, the comradery, and the drama.

I was thankful to be able to have a big part in a new league/ladder that has been in development for some time now.

I'm pleased to be the first to announce War League Gaming, Dedicated to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Series. http://www.warleaguegaming.net

Some of what we have to offer includes: a 3v3 Ladder, in which 2-4 teams may match against each other in the same server.

A timed ladder system, 2 teams go head to head in the most popular matching format.

An Untimed Ladder, where 2 teams battle it out on a single map in what is truly a fight to the last man standing.

And finally, the War League, an 8 week regular season followed by a 2 week playoffs.

We at War League Gaming hope that you will come be a part of the only ladder/league dedicated to Ghost Recon and its sequals.


Competition Manager


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