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The only problem with that Snake, is that you may still miss some files that may be in the textures folder, possibly sound effects that are used, ect. There are really many things that could cause the game to crash, and the simplest way is to just use the original WSV mod, and then add the BotHuntWSV mod as well. That way, no crashes. Thanks for your interest.

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Well, it would much easier to simply copy the three mission files for BotHuntWSV into the WSV mission folder, copy the enemy_bot.atr file to the WSV actor folder, and copy the bot.kit file to the WSV equip folder, if that is what you are determined to do. The problems can occur when you try to play these mods online w/ others and your files/mods don't match up. In the end, it is far easier to simply activate both mods if you wish to play on that map.

I mean, it wouldn't make much sense for me to copy all of the maps from the origimiss, mp1, & mp2 folders into the BotHunt folder just so you can play on them, would it? No, instead, simply activate those mods, as well as the BotHunt mod, and all will function properly. The same will go for WSV, or any other fan created mods which I add this script to.

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Sorry for all the confusion, I guess I thought it was all pretty self-explanitory.

The Bot Hunt mod is for GR/DS/IT. The Bot Hunt WSV mod is for use with the WSV mod. Basically, if I put the missions all together in one mod, and someone doesn't have WSV, they select the mission for WSV, and they CTD. Therefore, There is one mod for the GR missions and the expansions that go with it(GR/DS/IT). For any other fan created expansions(WSV, Frostbite, ect), I will release a seperate mod to be used in conjunction with that particular mod. You can use the But Hunt mod, and the Bot Hunt WSV mod at the same time, as long as you have the actual WSV mod activated. Sorry for the confusion, as I said, I just thought it was all self-explanitory. Any other questions should be posted here and I will answer them as soon as possible. Don't forget map requests.

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X69RZX, one small issue I found with WSV on the rain map was that you have the spotting distance set to 100 in script (default is 80) but the Far Range is 90 in the env, which meant I had guys shooting me accurately from a range where I couldn't see them at all :blink:

Still think this is a great mod - really keeps you on your toes :ph34r:

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Ah, I will adjust those values, thanks for the shout Jack. :thumbsup: I do have thier spotting distance adjusted to 20 meters beyond the default for each map, because it seems that on most maps, the human eye can actually see a bit further than that. (tested with binos) However, I did notice that on some of the foggy maps, the problem you described would occur. Considering the many shortcomings of the AI, I have really tried to make this challenging, without being impossible. I will re-check all the spotting distances against the far distances and original spotting distances, to try and make it a bit more fair. Thank you very much for your interest, and compliment. :D

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I almost forgot that I never posted the instructions for adding this script to your own maps. I am currently in the process of adding the script to the MPL01 maps, as requested by Silent Op. I will be adding a text file to all of the mods which will include these instructions. I am going to paste them here as well, feel free to simply copy and paste them to a text document of your own if you have already d/led a previous version of the BotHunt mod. I am currently updating and testing the BotHuntWSV mod. Not to contradict my esteemed collegue Jack57, but as I test the rain map, I haven't had them actually fire accuarately, but they are set to suppress, and if they catch you moving, they will lay down fire. There is only one platoon, and as indicated in some documentation, the teams within a platoon are said to have radio communications, so they will triangulate your position rather quickly once they first locate you.

Instructions for importing the BotHunt to custom maps.

The following is a list of elements that are nessecary for the BotHunt script to run on your map.

(I suggest making a new mod for your missions, so that you do not corrupt the mod which contains the map, unless of course you are adding the BotHunt script to a map which you are releasing. The best way to do this is by accessing the mods option under the file tab in IGOR before you open any mission.)

Map (your map)

bh2.gtf (located in the mission folder of any of the BotHunt mods I have released.)

bot actor file (you can create as many bot actor files as you like, and they can be named anything you like, the actors are only referenced in general, and are not name specific. As well, you can adjust the combat stats for your actor to suit your liking. I will say that I have found the leadership points to be the most important. They seem to really dictate how well they will work as a team, and find cover, frag accurately, ect.)

bot kit file (This can also be named as you like, and could in fact be varied. These need to be assigned to the actors manually as they are not referenced by the script either.)

I had originally wanted to create several bot actors and kits, in the same manner as the opposing force actors and kits are, and then add some script to assign them at random. I may still try to do this, but I have the script about to that maximum bits mark now, so it may never happen.

With those elements in place, and your map mod and new bot mod activated, you are ready to begin. I will suggest also selecting you new bot mod(or map mod which you are creating bot missions for) as the default mod for the editor from the mods option on the file tab in IGOR, before you load any maps or missions. This will make the job of assigning the kits to your actors much easier. :thumbsup:

Create a new mission using either the mission template you have created for your map, or creating a new template using your map's environment. You will need only the four bases usually needed for GR. They need to be named exactly as follows;

Base 0

Base 1

Base 2

Base 3

If at this time you have bases in your template, rename them anything except the above names(eg. Base 0/) If you don't have the bases added yet, that's fine, saves you a few seconds.

Now you are ready to import the script. Go to the script tab and to the import option. Browse to the mission folder where you have copied the bh2.gtf file and import it. Before you do anything else, you need to check the script to see if it has imported properly. To do this you will open the script, hit the edit option, and when the edit window opens, select the tags option. This will bring you to the tags where you can verify the number of script references fo reach tag. For some reason sometimes the script gets a bit jumbled when you import it, and no, it isn't even from the missing objects. The particular tags that need to be checked are three, they are the E1 actors, E2 actors, and E3 actors references. These should all have 8 references each, if they do not, re-import the script. It usually works fine the second time around. When you import the script, you will be informed of some missing objects which will not allow the game to be played ect. We will be adding these, so do not worry.

Now, rename your bases back to the proper names, or create them with the proper names. As you do this for each base, you will be prompted if you want to use this object as the object which the script references, and you will of course say yes. This having been done for all four bases, we shall move on to the next step.

You will now create your enemy company, it must be named as follows;

Company E

You will create one platton named as follows;

Platoon E

You will create three teams and name them;

Team E1

Team E2

Team E3

As you create and rename each of these to the proper name, you will once again be prompted if you want to link these objects to the references of the same name, and you will select yes.

You can now add your bots to the teams, adding five to each. Set up those actors by using the check boxes in thier property window to have one visible on each team in easy, three in veteran, and all five in elite mode. Place them in a location away from any of the bases. (They will be teleported to a random base at startup, and you don't want the player to see them when the are spawned.) Assign them thier kits and we are on to the next step.

The next step is to add the six static plans which make up the behavior commands for the bots. They will placed in the trigger plans area, and they must be named as follows;

Plan A.0

Plan A.1

Plan A.2

Plan A.3

Plan B

Plan C

The first four plans are almost identical, except for the single waypoint which will be the last step in the plan, and which will be placed at the corresponding base to the number after the A. Plan steps for plan A are as follows;

Alertness - locked to combat

Stance - this can be left unlocked, or locked to crouch for foggy/night maps, or anywhere you would like the bot to move a little more cautiously.

Pace - locked to run

Combat ROE - Assault

Movement ROE - Advance

Grenades - enabled

Formation - locked to scattered

Path - single path point placed within the zone marked as base x, x being the number after the A in the plan.

The second plan is plan B. It is basically the combat plan, and it essentially just removes the path plan from the bots, allowing them to focus on killing you. It's plan steps are as follows;

Alertness - locked to combat

Stance - set to crouched

Combat ROE - suppress

Movement ROE - advance

Grenades - available

Formation - set to scattered

Plan C is the pause, or reset plan, it is assigned to the bots, while they calculate which direction they would like to go next. It's plan steps are as follows;

Alertness - locked to combat

Stance - locked to crouch

Combat ROE - recon

Movement ROE - hold

Grenades - disabled

Formation - set to scattered

That's it, once again you will be prompted with the naming of each of those if you want to use them for the references in the script, accept. With all that done, you should be able to name your mission, select it to be playable in SP and in COOP modes, and save it to your mission folder. :thumbsup:

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I just finished adding the script to the MLP map pack maps as requsted by my most loyal tester Silent Op. I am going to do some more testing on the maps tonight, and upload the mod tomorrow. At this point I am really kind of amazed at the way the AI moves through these maps. They clear the corners rather well, and provide quite a challenge. The only map in the pack which I did not add the script to is the Killhouse, it was just too small I felt for the AI to really be any fun. The Athelete's Village map has an underground area that they don't really access due to the fact all four of the bases are on the upper level. However, the placement of the bases on the Castle map provides for some cool movement on thier part, and they will traverse all levels on that map. They will open doors and pass thru them as well. (the answer to a question asked by Silent Op) All in all, I believe they will function just fine on these QCB maps, and will provide a nice lil challenge. ^_^

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I am really looking forward to this one. :D I'll test it out tomorrow if the link is posted.

I think I may have to squeeze this CQB-Bot mod into the mods going up on the Phoenix Soldier game server. I'm putting the new mods up on Wednesday May 4th.


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:) Here it is, for any interested parties, the Bot Hunt script added to the MLP maps(except the Killhouse), which are, Aztec, Stalkyard, Stalkyard2, Castle, and Athlete's Village.

Bot Hunt MLP

This mod is for use with the MLP Map Pack mod, it also requires GR/DS/IT.

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2)Assert combat is looped over all the enemy actors, and will disengage them from any path plan they may have been assigned. It will set them to basically be free to attack or behave however they are programmed to according to the commands of the preset plan, which of course, can be set and or changed to your desire.

Any improvement to the AI in GR is a welcome improvement.

I've just started to explore this mod and I've not yet found the user controls described above... except the options to set the game difficulty.

What am I missing this time? :wacko:


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Any improvement to the AI in GR is a welcome improvement.

I've just started to explore this mod and I've not yet found the user controls described above... except the options to set the game difficulty.

What am I missing this time?  :wacko: 

In rereading this thread I finally figured out how to activate BH.... and it's awesome. Thanks for all your work X69RZX!

What's that latest version? The version I have is from Ghostaholics 562kb. It has 17 levels... including a second embassy level.

At one point the actors and team member locations would show up though the walls. Is this something I did? How does one shut it off?


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