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Second pass at a map


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The first complete map took a nose dive, and since I was never happy with it anyway, I started working on another idea. Inspired by some pictures of abandoned Russian factory sites, I started this one with a catwalk and a set of stairs.

This one is coming along very nicely, with most of the interior details done, and the perimeter stuff on the way.

Nearly everything in the compound is a floor, including several of the building roofs, connected by 'tin sheets' as footbridges. Several of the catwalks are navigable, and lots and lots of overgrown grass to hide in. :rolleyes:

This one looks to be a bear to use the lighting tool on, especially since I've not used it yet.... :blink:

As it progresses, I'll keep this thread updated.



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Just follow this

Its very simple. Id suggest grouping your bunkers has indiviaul rooms and add some "furniture" in them.

Also occulders would be great inside the walls of the buildings.

Just suggestions. :thumbsup:

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Just a reminder, that for the lighting tool to work properly, all your map textures, even the stock ones, have to be copied and pasted into a single folder, preferably the mod map folder

Thanks, Worm... I wondered if that was going to be necessary...

While I'm on topic... here's a question that's been running around in my head..

All the structures that are 'enterable', ie bldgs, are grouped, with unique names.

When I export the map, it seems the only way to get Igor to like it, is for me to group EVERYTHING (sans trees) into group _1 and then export.

My hunch is that this will play hell with the lighting tool.

What do I need to do to export successfully without having to group everything into _1?


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_1 is the main outside playing room. You could group and tag the inside building geometry has _2,_3 and so on. Then add portals infront of the doorways.

Your not suppose to group dynamic objects with rooms though.. ie trees, doors, moving objects.

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Looks very nice.

Lots of repetition with the buildings but that's ok.

Using the lighting tool will make your map come alive. So take some effort in trying to use it.

It's not that hard really.

Good luck! :)

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Some more details added.... mainly trees and some fill stuff in the open areas. Exterior stuff to come next.

Keep in mind that you're hitting the engine with a lot of geometry in a small area.

Test your map with FPS on to see how it affects the gameplay.

It would be a shame to spend a lot of time modeling and texturing things, only to find out later it was too much of a strain on the engine itself.

While testing, take a full platoon with you.

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Beautiful looking work and very creative.

Unfortunately, once you get it all chopped up and full of portals it will become unplayable.

If you leave everything as room 1 it should run pretty good but then you have the weather problem and lighting may not look right.

I would recommend closing up a lot of those open windows and just leaving a few open or you'll run into lag problems.

The problem is GR doesn't occlude very well and when you start having a lot of portals facing each other or in close proximity, the engine chokes.

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Oso, I'd already tried portals and it was a disaster on this map, so I'd dropped it back to a single room.

I may go in and block out the windows as well.... overall, it's coming along nicely.

However, it's a HUGE map... 12 meg. I need to find some way to pare it down a bit. May lose some of the rocks and foliage... and maybe some of the cylindrical meshes. :blink:

On my laptop, it plays well with normal performance, compared to the usual GR maps.

I'm probably gonna be looking for a volunteer to help my finish this off with lighting, and optimization... I'll glady send the MAX file and share credit on the map final.

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