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After my experience with hand made textures..i decided to apply it on my old PARAFALs and give them a better look plus i also added some accesories that i made sure they were issued by the Jungle Brigades and specially by the special forces, only because i dont want to have unreal stuff on this mod. My wish is to make it as close as i can.

I made this "wallpaper" to show that is done in terms of weaponry....there is more to be done and i promisse you wont be disapointed.

Check the picture HERE.

On this pic, concerning the PARAFALs, i think i overdid the scratches and paint peeling....but i redone the skin and now they are looking like the one on my new sig.

Wich way do you prefer?

Cheers.... :thumbsup:

Heavy Barrel and Bipod by Earl.

Edited by Sgt.Crocodile
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The Gustav is very nice but might be less appealing because it doesn't have as much detail as a rifle or a firearm does. it's simply a tube.

Nevertheless, the textures are nice.

The sniperrifle looks good except the twigs I think.

It doesn't look natural twigs but more like a "clump" of bush.

I really like your shotguns....the Mossberg is awesome!

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An i agree with both of you...those twigs didnt look that good in game...so i took another aproach and used on the specialist that will carry that weapon around.

IMHO i think it looks much better and it still have that "GR Feeling" into it.

I hope you like it.

Check them here.

Cheers..... :thumbsup:

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simply beautifull! lookin' forward for this mod!

The gus are really cool, i like all those fals (ps but are they the brazilian-made version of the fn-fal?

the karl gustav is cool, and the sniper looks great! :o=

nice job, :thumbsup: go on!

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Yup still 20 rounds and the versions chambered for 5.56 NATO use the M16 30 rounds mag.

I was thinking about adding them for the specialists, but since the mod is based on jungle warfare, i wont , cos the 5.56 NATO isnt as useful in the jungle as the 7.62 NATO.

What do you guys think?

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Sgt.Crocodile - Keep the FAL's in 7.62 for the "shooters", or specialists.

The 7.62 NATO round is a MUCH better "jungle buster" than the 5.56 or any high-velocity, light-weight, itty-bitty projectile. I know this is a game but, you said you were looking for realisim so leave the 20 round mags too. Maybe some players will learn shot control and fire management!

After you finish your Mod, I hope you will use your FAL's in a dedicated weapon Mod like the DTD SCAR or one of the XM8 Mods. I actually started a topic on wanting such a Mod, but I am not sure if the community wants one or not. I really enjoy your work on the FAL's pictured and would like to see them in action ( an in-game SS if possible ).

Since we are on this topic, how about going further and include the DSA SA 58 with all the little gadgets and cammo patterns. :D For those who can't live without 30 round 7.62 mags, get some of those in there too! This will keep your SELVA Mod authentic and will allow you to release a seperate weapons Mod with your already finished FAL's to the GR1 community.

What do you think, is it of interest to you?

How about the rest of you? Think he should do this??

Hell, yeah!

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The M85 is exclusively used by the navy ground forces (marines and combat divers).

This mod is based on the Army Jungle Brigades and i have one specialist from the Marines that will be using the M85. I made it SD, only because hes a specialist, but i can make it non-SD if you think its better. As i said before...i´m trying to keep it real, so i dont want the standart soldiers (army jungle brig.) putting their hands on it... :lol:

So i think i´ll take off that silencer..... :thumbsup:

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A new specialist has come.

He's Lucala Mbandi from the fierce and feared Angolan Commandos.

Angola is a member of CPLP - Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa (Comunity of Portuguese Speaking Countries) and the CPLP has an anual military exercise involving most of its members wich includes Brazil, Portugal, East Timor, Macau, Angola and others, so expect specialists from these countries as well.


Cheers.... :thumbsup:

Concerning Portugal...i've seen pics of their special forces using the UK DMP....Did they change their BDUs to DMP?

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Sorry for the long time without updates, i have been really busy.

To celebrate the great times of comercial trade and military cooperation between Brazil and China, plus the visit of Gen. Tang Tian Biao to the CIGS, here is the latest specialist.

Shen-Long Ho from the PLA Special Forces


and his arsenal.

Type 95 by GRT

CAR 95 SD by GRT , modified by Sgt. Croc

FHJ 84 Twin barrel AT by Sgt. Croc

Cheers.... :thumbsup:

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