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This is the first concept i had for a brazilian mod, but BFS came easier to make.

Now i feel i can do a better job, so i decided to try some new stuff concerning modding.

This i will focus on the Brazilian Army Jungle Operations Brigades and other Jungle OPs from world wide as specialists. I will try to be more realistic about this than BFS was.

I hope you enjoy it..... :thumbsup:


Next renders will come with the full gear on.

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Thats a nice finding SC..... :thumbsup:

Those exercises are huge and involve more people than the text described.....the last one involved the Colombian, Peruvian, Argentinian and US air forces.

The ground forces involved the jungle brigades, the commandos, the whole special forces command, the paratrooper brigade, the FAB, the jungle marines and the the brazilian navy, wich reminds me of this:

This is the Brazilian Navy/Marine Corps standart sniper rifle.



Cheers..... :thumbsup:

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I'm particulary proud of these two shotguns i made..they are the first ones i made using 98% of custom textures and light and shadow effects.

These are my humble attempt to reproduce the 2 shotguns used by the brazilian armed forces.

The Mossberg 500 and the brazilian made Boito Pump.


I hope you all like them.

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