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Iraqi Ship??


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A while back on the news there was something about an iraqi cargo ship just sailing around going nowhere and avoiding radio transmissions. The Americans thought Saddam had hidden weapons on it. <_<

Anyways, i was thinking of a Special Forces airborne attack with fast roping from helis!! :o=:o=:o=

but the next day it was off the news for good.

Anyone heard anything about it.

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The last I had heard, on CNN, was that ( I'm presuming as I didn't catch the whole report ) the US was contenplating bording the ship. I don't know just what all the legal ramifications are of such an act and if it matters whether or not a ship is properly flagged. My knowledge in maritime law is very rusty. I say this because I was told, which means I have been unable to confirm this, that the ship in question was sailing without any flag showing. I don't remember if that makes things easier or more difficult or if it matters at all.

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Can't believe it myself, if they were willing to take out that last ship for possible illegal weapons being on board, even though it was found out to be 100% legit, then I can't imagine that they'd let this type of ship go about it's business without use hearing that they took it out etc.

Nice idea that, I bet Saddam wishes he'd thought of that one himself.

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I thought it was more than one cargo ship--can't remember for sure. The reason for not attempting to board was that they suspected the ship(s) were carrying stores of chemical/biological agents that could cause a huge problem if the crews were to scuttle the ship(s) at first sign of a boarding attempt. It would seem they are content for now just to follow the ship(s) until they see how the mainland Iraq problem is resolved.

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