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3D studio max 7

101st woody

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I now have a copy of 3ds max 7.

I have got it in order to change

"" live helo insertions are possible online (dedicated or p2p server) if you modify the helos in 3dsm to be type 2 (armor) instead of type 5 (cinematic helo). you can also put a crew of 10 in the helo -- 1 AI pilot and a full team of 9 real, live, human players online "

The black hawk is . .pob file and i have tried to import it into 3dsm but it is unknown.

Can some one please tell me where i am going wrong or if i have the right software.

Also to save my next post i will ask now , how do i change the helicopter to be type 2 instead of type 5.

Thanks for help again lol


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Yes, dekela is right, the plugins only work up to version 5 of 3D Studio Max. Also you can't import a pob file into 3dsm. You'll need a max or 3ds file of the Black Hawk which is available somewhere on the internet. I don't know where to find it though, maybe others can help.

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Wow an expensive investment just to put helos in GR.

POB is the export file type used for vehicles (and some other objects) in GR and can't be imported into 3dsm.

The Mapexport plugin on the IT disk has the plugins for export RSE file types for GR.

Change from type 2 to type 5 armour, is just a confusing way of saying you tag it as you tag a Tank in 3dsm.Read the vehicle tagging section of the Levelbuilder.pdf, you have to tag the different meshes so that GR thinks its a tank and not a helo.

The Tank"helo" flys at the set height you determine in max on the Z axis, also you'll want to animate it so it bobs about realsitically.

Once you've exported your model, you then need to set it up in Igor as a Tank or a Truck (depending on which tagging method you used in MAX, ie Tracked or Wheeled).

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