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Bravo 2 Zero


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Well I could do with help with the modeling of things for the map, simple type things. I have a list of things to do:

Anti Aircraft Gun

Goat Export

Rest of SAS Squad

Scud Launcher

Vehicles for road – Land Cruiser


Electrical Pillons -Done


Pipeline next to MSR


Farm Hut

Tank Berms

Direction Finding Base.



Dynamic Rocks

Law66 - Done

Add Scrim to L96

Browning high Power Model and Texture - Model Done, SG.

Re Texture Elise AP - Done

Minimi Texture -Done

Bergen Attachment - Done but needs work

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ok, this mod is too great to let slip throught the cracks. it's exactly what GR needs right now. bigger maps! the community has got to help this one! :(:help:

if you get desperate chems, i can model, but that's it. skinning/exporting is up to you (i've got 3dsm 6 anyway). But really, there are tallented people out there, they all can't be busy :blink:

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Cut the polys on the characters down to 4000 polys now, looks just as good with out all the unneeded polys.

Being working on the map started work on a little village.

Screenies will be coming when people make payments to.....only kidding :P

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