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player platoon

101st woody

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Have just started modding and am stuck on something simple.

I want to have the player platoon trigger a plan by proximity to a zone.

How do i get the player platoon to be the relevant team for the response.

I think i need the script

group <Default>


Initialize player platoon

Trigger event

The simulation is starting


Set player platoon to (the player controlled platoon)

The trouble i have is i cannot get player platoon available for responses

I think i need to get player platoon as a tag but cannot work out how

Any help would be gratefully received while i still have some hair left lol :stupid:

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You need to use a platoon reference tag, then query to the platoon including the player controlled actor. Then just use that reference. You can also claim just the player, or even just his team, in all instances it's the corresponding reference tag which must be used. Hope that helps, if not, explain more about what you are trying to get them to do.

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