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Being able to see ur gun?

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This is a rather hot topic. There are those who do want a 1st person weapons view and there are those who dislike it and do not want it in the game.

My view is that there are many games that have it, why have GR like the many other games. That is just one of the things that sets GR apart for the crowd IMO.

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I think in GR2 they shoulda done GR1 ret view and first person gun view. Becuase if youve ever held a gun you sometimes look at it and sometimes it gets blurred in with your field of view.

3rd person was just unrealistic, whens the last time you saw the back of your head without looking into a mirror?

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I like how you can set it to whatever you like! maybe for the next gr... they could add a fp w/ gun view. i love the classic gr ret view, but i also love the strategy in the third person... knowing if you are exposed and hidden in bushes!

they both have their ups and downs:

1st: great for close quarters and seeing over large areas, but you never know if you are fully hidden behind that boulder you use as cover.

3rd: great for using cover and stealth, but it is very difficult to win in firefights.

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I'm for the most part pro-1st person view weapons in GR, though I'd much prefer it if it came with a fully 3D iron sight mode aswell, similar to whats in Call Of Duty, or Vietcong.

I just find it to be more immersive with Iron Sights, provided your using a weapon that doesn't already have attached optics that is, in which case realistic optic views dependant upon optics used ie: Aimpoint, ACOG, Reflex, Eotech HOLOsight etc.

I was none too impressed with the optic views in GR2, they all looked the same, even though though most of the time the optic devices/scopes used were different, little bit iffy IMHO. (VBS1 is a good example of near-perfect optic views.)

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You should be able to see the weapon...but not the way people think. Even in the low ready you only see the buttstock in you peripheral. But when you snap up, it is definitely in your field of vision so no weapon at all isn't the right solution either.

Basically you should see the butt and rear of the receiver until the weapon is brought to bear. When using a long range scope such as a sniper rifle or an ACOG, that scope is your world. But when using a CQB sight like an Aimpoint, Eotech, or Reflex, you shoot with both eyes open and still see the weapon also, albeit defocused. You are locked on the target and are looking to lay the CQB reticle over the target.

Games to date that have attempted to show a CQB sight have it pulled up to fill the screen like a long range scope view and this is wrong.

Also snap shooting in titles today occurs at a much slower speed than in real life. Even if you are using iron sights, games are painfully slow compared to the real situation.

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I think that when you scope in (right analogue button on the XBOX) you should see through whatever the weapon has, even if it only has open (iron) sights.

Otherwise you can have 1st or 3rd person perspective, as per normal.

What I do want changing is the double-click option - if a weapon has a 10X scope, then thats what the zoom should be. Having to hit the button twice I find annoying.

2 games that are similar to how people seem to want are Hidden & Dangerous and (less succesfully used) Conflict:Vietnam.

The most realistic games have to be the 2 Brothers in Arms.

What about the G36 though? - I wish the Red-Dot was shown (an advantage in CQB).

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