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ACU Issues...

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Ok here's the deal.....I'm working on a MOD US Army Rangers, and am trying to do some ACU skins....Is it me or does this uniform look like S?*t? I was in the Army from 91 to 97. Wore BDU Cammo, 6 Color Desert, 3 Color Desert. What is up with this grey thing? I dunno. Vests clash with it.....Any feed back. Oh by the way...who ever did the ACU MOD...I'm not beating U down...U did an awsome job...It's just the uniform stinks......Sabre 67 :blink::blink:

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If ya want some good reference pics, check this out.


The black vest totally messes up the camo. Otherwise it would''ve worked EXCELLENTLY.

WoW.... those pictures make me wish i had people around me that were "THAT" into paintball... or maybe even AirSoft... since u can get some sweet airsoft guns that look very real to M4's and M16's ect. Anywayz... sweet looking camo... i dont think it looks bad at all. Yea.. nothing important to input so i'll just cut it short. L8er

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