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MH Puffy

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Thought yall might want some new screenies from Project-X. Heres a few...Ill have more in a few days....


Mission 9...havin disposed of the local riff raff, It was time for a pose.


If ya wanted it to be easy..just leave... :o=

There's a bunch more on our site,,, Mon by and visit a spell...

Drop by the Gallery and check out the screenies

Thats all for now..."Puffy" out! :rocky:

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Well if ya want the whole story go to Modheads.net :D

So far there are almost 20 missions done and more on the way. New maps, weps, and a bunch of surprises! There are screen shots from a few of the missions posted in the PX gallery. This wont be an easy mod to play. Tangos abound by the hundreds. New environments never seen before. Get ready to be astounded. Its a multi-national and multi clan event like GR has never seen. The best in the modding world are workin round the clock to finish it.

More news as it becomes available...... :ph34r:

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