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Mouse & Keyboard for GR2 Xbox

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I don't know if anyone has seen this so i'll post on it.

Im no fan of the xbox. I dont like the way they beef up certain aspects to look good in the screen shots, in Halo the main character looks ace but most of the scenery is bland. I don't like the consolization of the gameplay. Despite the average age of a gamer being 28 they still design the games for 12 year olds.

Anyway i didnt want to touch GR2 on the XBOX even though it's a long wait still for the PC version. Not only the graphics but also the controler is awful. All that rediculous waving around to try to center the reticule on the enemy.

I jus saw this 'smartjoy Frag' device that lets you patch yoru pc keyboard and mouse into the Xbox or PS2 and program the keys.

The trend of the PC being the gameworlds black sheep platform is only going to get worse so by the time the PS3 and Xbox come out we could see the GR2 situation being standard. I wouldn' be surprised if HalfLife3 came out on consoles first. Anyway, the lack of mouse from the consoles was the biggest obstacle to my having one so this gadget might let me play games that i dont want to wait an extra 8 months for till they appear on the pc.

here's the link for it.

I don't work for that company or anything. I just could never believe the stupidity of the console makers for not shipping it with a mouse just so they can keep a differentiation between consoles and PC's.


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SmartJoy® FRAG™ is a unique adapter that allows you to connect standard PS/2 compatible mice and keyboards to your PlayStation®2 or Xbox® console. You will be able to enjoy First-Person Shooters (FPS), or any other game where targeting is important, the way they are meant to be played.

I love the last part...the way they are meant to be played...except they dont release them for the PC.


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*off topic

supposibly Xbox next will be 3 version, cheap, regular, and pc platform ....

and supposibly it out peforms any gaming machine (including PC) out right now , pc xbox next rumored to costs 600$ and uses MS WinXP works just like a pc.

maybe xbox next will be better for FPS , E3 this year will be exciting.

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I have one for both the Xbox and the PS2. Here is the issue. Turn speed. The Lik Sang has a small adjustment for dead zone but not turn rate. If the game allows the controller to be adjusted for this you are okay. You can headshoot people all day long. The issue is certain titles do not. Use a Lik Sang in GR2 and as long as someone is out in front of you you are okay. The second you have to turn rapidly to acquire a target you are going to get owned. Several of us with Lik Sangs ran a test and were laughing about how often we were popped in GR2. Also, I was always a K/M gamer before consoles became big. Even I will say certain titles do run better with the controller. MP in Splinter Cell PT is better with the controller due to numerous actions that must be conducted almost simultaneously.

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