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"Section One" is the name of a mod I've been working on for about a year now. It is based on the story line of the show La Femme Nikita. In short, Section One is an anti-terrorist organization that recruits its members from people imprisoned for life. By its very nature the organization is so covert as to not be known to the general public, and operates with regards to only its own laws.

This mod features a 10 mission campaign with new weapon models, vehicles, sounds and some other interesting tidbits. I'm getting close to release, though no ETA yet, and more information shall be forthcoming. Here are some screenshots of what to expect.













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If you didnt want any c&c, then im sorry. Just telling you what i see.

Stock on the MP5 is to small(height wise), and the stock peice on the XCR is extruded to big. Also you should detach the face on the end of the MP5 muzzle and add circle texture so it looks like its a barrel. The MP5 front sight is to big(to fat around, should look more like the SL8 front sight).

And on this picture it looks like your hand points are off.

I do like the skins though. I think their great. :rocky:

When you export your models, do you size them really small and export? If yes then i can send you some files to help get the gun in right place.

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I've got good news on the status of this mod. All the models have been completed, one texture is left to be completed. Of the ten missions, 9 of them are pretty much finished, just needing final touches. All that's left for me is to finish scripting the missions, beta test them, whip up some menu-screen shots and it's done. As of now the mod is weighing in right at 50MB, and I don't expect that to change much. Tentative release date=Mid-April.

If people like this mod enough to want more missions, I've been toying with an idea of making an expansion-mod containing missions based around the fifth season of the show, I'd call it "The Collective Missions". :D

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Here's a question for people interested in this mod. Would anyone be averse to me including various sound files to add to the atmosphere, and quite possibly increasing the file size of the mod a bit? Or is the size already big enough as it is? Any thoughts?

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