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New CHR - CT units


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Centcom mod:ask JAY316

Delta (BHD) mod:about 40Mg

Outstanding work there mate,outstanding!! :yes:  :thumbsup:

Coming from you it is a great compliment,thx :thumbsup:

I wish /hope Swartz's SCAr rifle shows up in that future MOD :thumbsup:

the mod with swartsz is stopped for the moment

@Snake:he paid me,$$$$$$ :P

40 MB, wow!.. But i'm not that surpirsed that it will be big.. With what i'm seein' in the pics..

And your gettin paid for makin a mod?.. That rocks!. :thumbsup:

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Hey mate, you do bloody nice work. :) I like the neatness of your textures. Regarding hi-rez stuff, I learned the hard way that high definition, high detail textures look great in GR, but performance and stability are severely hampered by said textures.

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I'm in charge of making the actors. For that I need all the material like the faces and chrs and there are still some skins missing.

Also eSkwaad is a perfecionist and a guy full of ideas so we will have to wait and see what he comes up with.

I've done all I can for now, with the material available.

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