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New CHR - CT units


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Any luck getting the original CHR/Skins of the three-color "regular" mission soldiers desert for Desert Siege?  I don't think justice has been done to those yet, although we've hade outstanding mods/skins from many modders over the years already (ie 6pence MARPAT)

That and a redo for the Island Thunder CHR's too!  That would be excellent,


Keep an eye on the CENTCOM thread you may be seeing what you asked for above, maby soon ........... :ph34r:

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rock on eskwaad!!!  :rofl:

i really like this helmet type.

has anyone some info and can tell more about this?

...a new selection of chrs was done...i reorganize the mod and optimise the chrs for the moment...later with Swartsz,we'll post more infos...

awesome eSkwaad. i really like your new style presentation renders. They look really professional. nice.

What's the character in your sig?

thx JTF...character sig is the old seal commander "flight helmet"

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sorry, i just wanted to show what your skins look like on female chrs. i didn't want to offend somebody, but please iclude some female specialists, please.

ok,np...no female will be included in CT mod

I think you should make a female specialist ... That would be great :thumbsup:

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