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Wow... its been over 2 years since I worked on this mod. I never got a chance to thank Midnight Modz for letting me be a part of the team. I am sorry that the mod was never released. Real life kind of took over and at the time Raven Shield was on the verge of being released which kind of made the GR engine look outdated.

For the record, I created the Abydos map and Hatak map. The entire mesh was created from scratch with the exception of the sphinx. The sphinx was a free model that was found on some site which I can't remember. The reason for it was to add more structures to the map since it was pretty barren. Most of the textures were created from screen caps or images from the web. This was my first mod and was still fairly new to texturing and modelling.

When I left the team, I released the max files of the maps so other could improve and continue the work. I only asked that I receive proper credit. I don't know if any other additions were made since I haven't seen the map since I released it.

I am currently working on another Stargate mod for Battlefield 2. Given the current situations with MGM cracking down on SG mods, its unlikely that this mod will be completed as they have already shut down a number of other SG mods.

Hopefully, when GRAW is released, I plan to work on some other mods for that engine. Shad, if your still doing mods, drop me a line.

Tony O.

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I could not believe it when i recieved an email saying someone had replyed to this thread.

This mod never made it past BETA due to my situation at home and work. It got past on to HitdeATWAR who hopefully is still working on it but unfortunately i think his life is getting the better of him too.

The Beta mod got passed around abit and seemed to get a good reception, pity nobody has finished a completed version yet though :(

By the way Tonyo, Nice to see your still going and all the best with the new mods. Dont let them film buffs get the better of you. MODS are FREE and they should have no say in what goes on with them. But they always seem to try and bully people around.

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