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Glad your Knuckeling down Chems, There is also the unfinished SGC and Hatak Maps :P

I am not going to release the full version yet before trying to get a couple more maps into this mod.. The beta was just to see wether or not it was worth carrying on.. From the feedback it is :D

Here are a few pics of the Beta.





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HUGE fan of the SG-1 series (every episode is DivX'd on my harddrive and they run in the lower part of my screen anytime I am modding or coding. Really looking forward to see this mod and seeing if it compliments the series as much as the visuals appear to. Any help you might need just pm me. Would be more then happy to assist you.

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Thanks Will71 but mods should not be paid for, We do this because we like the challenge and enjoy the game..

DonMiguel... Did you recieve the mail i sent you? And check out the Beta?

We are just waiting on the newly designed maps and feedback from the beta and then hopefully get this baby together.

THanks to all..

Also Thanks to all who nominated me in the poll... :thumbsup:

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