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There will be 2 downloads, The mod and the sound. The sound installer is 17mb and the mod is 28mb (with 2 maps).

What i have done is halved every texture file (including characters) this saves 20mb of size. It may lose some detail but it saves twice the download size.

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Stargate SG1 mod is in BETA version out , Im testing the mod to see for little errors and such.

(also made some skins for this mod as also other things).

It will have all the actors from Stargate the Movie and the series in it.

As well as the Weapons used in movie and series, also jaffa weapons are inside.


EDIT: --> for more details here is another thread going on, about the same.Link to thread

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The link was *** accidently*** removed by another who was not aware of the Beta - so please bear withus until another link put back up : many people recieved Beta before crash - so ask around.

Any comments on the Beta, for those who have got it yet ?

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