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@Shadow, stop torturing us and upload the mod already!! ;)

Seriously though, I can only imagine how big this project must be, with all the characters, attachments, weapons,sounds, vehicles and maps...I'm sure the final product will be well worth the wait :rocky:

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Very nice mod. can't wait till it comes out. I love Stargate SG-1. I even started a Ghost Recon Clan Composed only of Stargate SG-1 fans. When I finish the site it will be at members.fortunecity.com/stargatefans

Anyone interested in joining is welcome! Just e-mail me at stargatesg_1@msn.com

My Stargate SG-1 dedicated site will be up soon also. It is at members.fortunecity.com/stargatesgaf

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Here is the Latest on the Stargate Mod..

"Tony O" has just finished the Abydos map and has recently started the Mothership map. Whilst "Draconis" Is nearing completion of his SGC map..

Some pics of the completed Abydos Map...




Expect Beta Soon..

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Nothing I can say that I haven't said before...(jaw on the floor)

Great maps, great characters, great vehicles....great EVERYTHING!!

One question, though..on that in-game screenie, I noticed a Ghaul aircraft...is it for decoration only, or will it be able to do some damage? And if so, will the player be able to shoot it down with a rocket or some other weapon? :blink:

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hey shadow... just wondering. do u guys still want my laginator for the mod or not? remember, the triple minigun?

Are you releasing this anywhere else?

This mod sounds so cool! I never watched the show but it looks ok.

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I see it and can't believe it...Stargate SG-1 Mod for GR. My only questions are this.

1.Will this mod have the Original SG-1 Team, Jackson, Maj. Samantha Carter, Col. Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill, Teal'c?

2. In MP games can you play ether the SG team or Jaffa or Goa'uld?

3. Will there be sequals to this mod after you finish it?

4. Will you also put in specialist some of the Original movie Cast that were the original Stargate team? (Kurt Russell, etc)

I can't wait...once your mod is up and working Iam sure my team will start a SG team up! I salute you and your staff on a fan dream come true! Keep up the great work!

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