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SG1 rocks. I love that show. Especially that Capt. Carter. She's hot. Sizzlin even.

Any chance of modeling her? Eh Shadow? In a swim suit maybe? A bikini? Please?

Now thats a good idea :lol: , get somebody to do a bikini skin, that would get the downloads going :P

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will thier be maps on a piramid ship? You cuold find Bra'tak their and he could be a speclaist from then on ....

ah, he is cool

"now that's a grenade"

he he, can't wait.


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The MALP is an extremely useful tool.. but also an extremely boring one aswell.

Just having a vehicle following a path is a bit on the lame side. Whilst i was doing the model i just aded a few more tags :D

I too have never seen SG-1 riding the MALP.. But they COULD!

... You never know...

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