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What are they ? Robot-spiders with machineguns ?

I see them running/jumping around already :lol:

They gonna be some tough ######, because of the small size, and how fast can they walk ?

What more creapy monsters we can expect ?

This is very original, good job.

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They are known as Replicators, Little machines that eat metal to reproduce "hence Replicators".

They attack by firing acid.... Not figured that one out yet!

But these little critters talk in the russian language... Not Figured that out either!

They can move as fast as any character.... Because they are characters.. ;)

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The team Trying to make it home


looking ominous


Trying to sneak upto the deathgliders whilst they have full guns blazing isnt going to be easy.


Only to find a team of Jaffa waiting.


Stopping to take a look at the local wildlife.


On their way home?

These are images of the nearing completion Abydos map. The deathgliders are fully armed and will shoot with an array of weaponary.

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I thought I was the only Stargate SG1  fan. <_<

No, me too, i watch it, collect it, you name it! I neraly got a full collection of Stargate SG-1 season 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 & Movie trading cards including autograph cards, costume cards (pieces of clothing from the charaters from different episodes), SkecthAFex cards (rare hand drawn cards), you name it and i've probably got two of them :D:P

BTW, nice job with the mod, looks great, cant wait for its release :D

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he he cool

I loved it when SG-1 switched to P-90s, could never figure out why they had zoom scopes on thier MP-5s when they usualy do CQB ...

(that and the P-90 rocks)

and these has to be a SPAS-12 for shooting the replicators - or a jackhammer...


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looken great!

will the SG-1 team be in you normal roster or specalists?

and if specalists will you start with all of them avalible?

have you gotton staff weapons to work? and do they shoot yellow balls?

and one more question - how will you moddle to three shot stun/kill/vaporize ability of the zat-gun?


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@ l-li†m/-\n of coarse just get in touch. :D

@ Viper Sg-1 will be specialists, When maps are complete we will work on Quick Missions and Campaign, So expect both.

Staff Weapon works and fires the bolt but the zat is a bit more complex.

I have set it so it fires alot of weaker bullets.

This SORT of gives the impression of the stun and kill.. But Cant do alot with the engine to correct this :(

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