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Mapping Keys Differently


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NUMPAD 8 = Forward

NUMPAD 5 = Backwards

NUMPAD 4 = Strafe Left

NUMPAD 6 = Strafe Right

NUMPAD 7 = Peek/Lean left

NUMPAD 9 = Peek/Lean right

NUMPAD - = Nightvision ON

NUMPAD + = Commandmap Quick view

NUMPAD Enter = Reload Weapon

NUMPAD . = Change firerate

NUMPAD 0 = Switch weapon

NUMPAD 1 = Leaderboard

NUMPAD 3 = Walk slowly

NUMPAD / = Stance down

NUMPAD * = Stance up

I don't use Numpad 1 and 3 very often, and Numpad 2 isn't in use with the Numlock button, all other buttons on the Numpad are in use :D

Rest of the keys aren't that important

I use running by pressing Rightmousebutton, and i use the scrollwheel to zoom in. Mouse-thumb button is for Teamspeak..

Mousesensitivity of 0.3 without mouseacceleration, Windows mousespeed at 5th bar of 10 (middle)

I know some good players that used the arrowkeys and also somehow managed to push on their leankeys on shift/control or the insert/home/pageup area lol, i sort of keept it easy by putting everything close to eachother :)

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Mine are very similar to Ben's. Only slight changes, really.

The only awkwardness with the numpad is having the keyboard so far out to the left (I'm right handed) but I've managed to get my paws on a usb standalone numpad, mostly used by accountants. Makes it so much easier on the wrist.

NUMPAD 8 = Forward

NUMPAD 5 = Backwards

NUMPAD 4 = Strafe Left

NUMPAD 6 = Strafe Right

NUMPAD 7 = Stance up

NUMPAD 9 = Stance down

NUMPAD - = Nightvision ON

NUMPAD + = Commandmap Quick view

NUMPAD Enter = Switch weapon

NUMPAD . = Change firerate

NUMPAD 0 = Run

NUMPAD 1 = Lean left

NUMPAD 2 = Walk slowly

NUMPAD 3 = Lean right


MOUSE 1 = Fire

MOUSE 2 = Use/open

MOUSE 3 = Reload

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R=peek R

W=peek L

T=change item


V=raise stance

C=lower stance

Q=soldier status

Tab=Command Map


L Shift=quick command map

L Ctl=toggle command map


H=rate of fire

Y=max/min zoom


Space=perform action

L Alt=TS Talk


Button 1=fire

Button 2=walk

Button 3=TS whisper key

Button 5=TS whisper key

Mouse Wheel=zoom

That is about it...the numbers above the keyboard I leave as default, and the number pad I have set for team communication hotkeys. I moved the standard WASD setup over so that I could easily find my keys by finding the nipple on teh F key with my index finger :yes:

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up = forward

down = backwards

left = strafe left

right = strafe right

numpad 0 = reload

numpad 1 = rate of fire

numpad 4 = night vision

rest numpad = chat messages

pg down = down stance

pg up = raice stance

end = leaderboard

del = walk pssst :)

enter = change weapon

ctrl = map

shift = walk slow

space = use item

b = binoculars

p.s. for Ben, I like yours keys .. I will try :)

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w = forward

s = backward

a = step left

d = step right

q = lean left

e = lean right

r = action

z = night vision

x = stance down

c = stance up

v = binoculars

b = scoreboard

n = soldiers weapons

m = command map 'orders' view

, = team chat

. = all chat

f = fire type

ctrl = soldiers weapons quick view (change item if using a 3 buttons mouse)

shift = command map quick view

caps lock = team speak comms

alt = run/walk

space = reload

mouse 1 = fire

mouse 2 = zoom in

mouse 3 = stealth walk

mouse 4 = change item

mouse 5 = zoom out

mouse wheel = incremental zoom in/out

Anything else at default.

I don't know if it's this config or me but, after 2+ years playing this game, i still suck :rofl:. But i don't mind, i just love to play this game. Ghost Recon Rocks :D.

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I know i got some strange settings, but ........they keep me alive most of the time :P

(i got a azerty belgian keyboard )

Arrowkeys : movement

keyp 4 & 6 : peek left,right

keyp 2 : nightv

keyp 1 : binos

end: lower stance

page down: raise stance

ctrl: zoom in

shift: zoom out

µ : fire rate

= : check team stat

l : check leaderboard

5 button mouse:

left: fire

right: run

left side: check map

right side : shuffle/sneak

scroll pushed in : teamspeak2

scroll up: reload

scroll down: switch secondary

Strange settings?

lol, i got the sneak button on my mouse cause i like going in as a sniper


try those settings, u'd be amazed :o=:whistle:

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Mostly Default with some tweaks ....

Crouch and raise stance keys are reversed ...

Quickmap (the one you can hold up while on the run) = left Shift

Other Map key is "M"

Left Control dealocated for use with TS ...

Reload = Space bar.

Open Door ect = Middle mouse button.

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