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Well, i chatted with doorstop.

got me back into the mod.

prolly just release weps and chr models for right now though.

missions, i maye leave my stuff for the guys to make missions while i'm gone.

matter fact, i think i'll do that.

weapons, and chrs.

maybe a mission on retextured maps, but i dont have the time to learn mapping right now, and not sure there are any open mappers, may shoot a line to Frank, aka 10mm......

we'll see.

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Just stopped by to see the mod.. Saw it from another website. I was in Afghanistan from the first day.. 5th sfg.. ODA team 555 the triple Nickle. I don't mean to flame but from what I can see of the mod and the models. AQ did not dress in suits. they wore mostly old soviet style uniforms.. mixed with some regular woodland camo.. also they wore some pakistani type camo's. They were armed bought and payed for by the Pakistani ISI they mostly wore pakistani combat sweaters. carried soviet styled web gear with the ak47 pouches on the chest. Most of the DevGru models are close. Most of them providing security for karzai and the Loya jurga wear the Safari styled vest with conceable weapons. Khaki pants and blue shirts. If ya need any ideas or suggestions just email or contact me by msn. I'll be glad to assist. Like I said my team was the first in. Tiger 01 was the first SF ground unit in Afghanistan.


Wasn't your ODA in Newsweek? Been over to socnetcentral.com/vb ? Stay safe.


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it's a coincidence calum, thats why.

a coincidence, that this just so happened to be the pic where he lost men,where a 2000 lbs bomb exploded some 100 yards from him, see the signifigance there?

and how do u know CAG and Delta are shy, you never know who the hell they are, and dont try to say you do, NONE of us, excpet, like Door, the people who were there, may even have a slight clue of what, where, and who Delta and Dev are.

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Getting a bit hostile are you not?

Did I ever claim to know CAG or DEVGRU?Your point being?

The point I was making was in books or forums worldwide these Units are not known for their Photo oportunities on missions,they tend to remain anonymous like our SAS,and these guys I do know,I was out drinking with 2 ex Sergeant Majors of 22 SAS on the 3rd of Jan,and they are very picky about being photo'd on missions!!

WRT the photo at Milphotos,you made a sort of big deal about it when there are more details of his ODA in the Book Hunting Bin Laden,including accounts of the Friendly Fire incident,If Doorstop is the team leader it also mentions his name.This has nothing to do with being disrespectful,on the contrary he has my respect along with ANY member of ANY Armed Force who saw action in Afghanistan!

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you have yet to see hostile.

Door was....

once again, i'll leave it up to him to say, and once again, milphotos.net, OEF:Mazar section, once again, leave it up to him to point him out.

EDIT:maybe it's not that big a deal to you, ur older, youve seen more, keep that in mind calum, i am but 17, and all this comin at me, seems pretty fascinating to me.

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Considering most of these stills came from Operators themselves and also media sources,Why get so freaked about it?

It's not as if the SF are shy on publicity is it,Unlike CAG and DEVGRU!!  ;)

I have only spoken with one SF operator and he maintains the Silent Professional status.

I see others around school coming to speak to ROTC..the only way I can tell its them though is the SF patch and the berets.

I dont think anyone is accusing anyone of anything, but I have been a member to this board as well as the platoon for almost 2 years now, and there have been A LOT of wannabes and poseurs that have graced the boards. So by now people are very sceptical.

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dont try to say you do, NONE of us, excpet, like Door, the people who were there, may even have a slight clue of what, where, and who Delta and Dev are.

thats some funny stuff,

i guess cink has nver been on a army base.

i know a guy who was SF and wears that patch proudly

he said his son was over in afghan and his son said he was scared

but when this "squad" showed up one day it seemed like everyone just relaxed abit and noone felt scared. his son told his father this and his dad laughed and his dad asked what these guys looked like? normal guys,dressed like civi's and rugged looking, well some were, his dad laughed saying son those guys were sf.

you see, u can tell from being around someone real quick in sitsuations like that, what they're there for, its hard to discribe, u can just tell in some cases.

forgot to mention they wore combat slings with m4's when they went out.

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What I was getting at guys is that the Army SOF,don't shroud themselves in anonymity,you see them walk about ,you see them on TV,you see them in pictures,unlike the CAG or the DEVGRU,how many of them do you see walking about ,going on "air",being photographed for National newspapers,they're like our SAS who do their utmost to keep their faces from being shown purely because of the nature of their work!

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But you werent there CQB, thats the diffefference, everybody knows a guy, or knows a guy who knows a guy.

see, from what we've seen, and what has been pounded into our heads, is that Ghany was run by Spec Ops, basically responsible for taking Mazar, and key points in Ghany.

everyone there, either for 3-color, or somthin to fit in with NA, not just SF. which is why YOU DONT know. M4's were seen EVERYWHERE, so how the heck can you say their SF just by sayin they wore, plaid with khakis, and had m4's with slings?

and why do people think i am getting upset? perhaps it's them that is upset.......

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