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BlakOps US Vehicles Pack


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@ DWG - thanx for the eagle-eyed voice of detail  ;)

Far too long spent in the company of Quality Assurance types...

LA barrrell - Admitidly the pic is not a close in pic, where the barrell IS thicker at the base but the 25 mm barrell doesnt look particularly 'fatter' on the numerous ref pics I have - however I will adjust it slightly for u m8  :thumbsup:

Can't ask for more than that. Ta!

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Hey there. Does anyone know what is the name of the sliding doors on the " UH-60L 'BlackHawk " so the doors can be open from the script.

Downloaded and installed for the purpose to try to give you an answer.

Readme file doesn't give any clue but just an hint they could open pressing the "space bar". In fact doors open in this way.

Opening them through script it's impossible without knowing their tags and I'm afraid you can know that only if you have access to the 3ds file. If this is the case only the same author can give you an answer but we all know it seems that Blak disappeared.

Maybe an expert like Cobaka could tell if I spoke the truth :ph34r:

BTW any new mod in the horizon, Hurricane13? :)

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Thank you cobaka and giweda, you got rid of that wall for me. At first it didn't work for me ,<n><door>left uh60l and <n><door>right uh60l, not until i spaced in between the > and right and left. I noticed once the doors are open, the left door is a bit buggy, it appears and disappears, but no big problem.

No mod , just a little mission for a few friends. Btw I enjoyed your Wet Sun mission, I enjoy missions that have those twists at the extraction, keeps you on your toes. Once again, ty u2.


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