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Close Combat: First to Fight

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Just seen a new movie of this game and it looks awesome :o=

"This squad-based first-person shooter is being developed under the direction of active-duty US Marines"

A few movies and screens here http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/closecom...ight/index.html

Could be the game i'll be playing untill GR 2 ! or it might even be better than GR 2 :lol:

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Good find. The new MP movie talked about 32 player MP support. I also saw toggleable FPV iron sights, and the reload time looks very realistic.

On the other hand, I have read a dev interview (maybe this will change) that mission failure will result from 1. more than 1 marine being killed, 2. a civilian being killed, 3. killing an enemy who is surrendering or 4. killing a marine in friendly fire. Numbers 2 and 3 bother me as I think they would be annoying. With respect to number 3, the enemy can fake surrendering and pull out a weapon, they showed that in a vid. I am not keen on the "comply" order and handcuffing prisoners. This is supposed to be a combat game, not a SWAT wannabe. Otherwise I'd buy SWAT 4 and I don't intend to do that. As long as you don't have to square away too many prisoners per level, that and securing weapons got very repetitive and tiresome in SWAT. With respect to civilians, a tolerance level is better than 1 kill ends a missions, if there are civvies running around everywhere, otherwise hesitation will result in endless deaths and restarts. maybe they will restrict this type of thing to the realism difficulty level.

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Close Combat: First to Fight Ships Out

Close Combat: First to Fight has shipped to stores nationwide. Unlike previous games in the series that were strategy titles set in World War II, this latest Close Combat title is a squad based action game set in modern day Beirut. It apparently utilizes authentic Marine urban military doctrine, tactics and assets to rescue hostages, take down insurgents and restore order.

In Close Combat: First to Fight, players lead a four-man fire team of US Marines through the trials and tribulations of modern urban combat. The game can be played through the either a single player or a co-op experience either online, LAN, Xbox Live or split screen. The game also features competitive combat for as many as 8.

Close Combat: First to Fight is rated "T" for Teen and is available on PC and Xbox for the SRP of $39.99.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm sticking with my 'Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far', but I'm curious to see how Atomic's first FPS in the franchise pans out. Feedback please :thumbsup:


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The game is very interesting, after watching some trailers the games focus will be about the working of the human mind in combat for both good guys and bad guys. The game reminds me of a mixture of SWAT4 and BiA, you can do a arrest on them and do stair clearing techniques and the fact you have to heavily suppress the opposition etc... to break his will to fight properlyor even surrender then move onto their positions.

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I have to say i been playing this game for 2 days now and i just cant stop playing.

If i can say i believe this game beats GR2 into the ground for realizem.

This game has every element i wish GR2 had besides the push the Y button to talk is really the only thing that i find wrong with it. It is linier yes but the game is so good it has now moved above GR2 on my fav list! I just hope GR3 takes a look at this game when its being made.

As of now CC:FTF is the most realistic game on Xbox if you ask me.

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I hope the demo comes out so we judge it amongst ourselves.

ATTENTION DEVELOPER: Please include SDK in final release or suffer same fate with GR2. That might help with ratings and acceptability among PC gamers. :whistle:

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Ya the game is definately not a 10.0 .

Its more like a 7.5 or a 8.0

Don't get me wrong. Its a good game. And possibly a great game with some bug fixes. But even so its definately not a GR replacement.

Here are my complaints.

1. Graphics render so that you feel claustrophobic. It creates too much of a tunnel vision feel.

2. MP only supports 8. Yes eight players 4 vs 4. At first I was told it would support 16 but geez only 8? Despite their reasons for 8 players its still only .......8. :|

3. server controls too simplistic. Not much there to explain. Its just leaves out too many options.

4. Other minor bug issues that patches could fix.

OK now with what I DO like:

1. Best CQB for computer AI I've seen yet. Beats ravenshield's CQB hands down.

2. Weapons aren't too shabby.

3. Coop is fun. I guess thats point of game READY TEAM FIRE ASSIST (coop in mp supports 4 players only)

4. Game is fun

Your right this game is a love it or hate it type. Ya gotta be willing to spend the 40 bucks. 40 bucks isnt bad though for a new game.

But as far as this forum goes.....this game is not the GR2 that we wanted thats for sure. BF2, STALKER, Enemy In Sight...........as well as GR3 pc. Perhaps one of those games. :|

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Its not great at all, to me it sucks worse then rvs. Zoomed in feel, and alot of bugs that make the game not fun at all. The maps are also very small and compact.

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