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SCAR Teaser


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The guns do look beautiful. The Scar 47 is my favorite.

2 points though, consider holster points, and why do all the guns have the same kill coefficiants? I though the KC largely meant what caliber of ammunition you were firing, and if the 7.62 rounds are considered the same as the 5.56 rounds...

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The othertextures.zip contains differing camouflage variations for the weapons contained in the mod. There are three for each weapon, uncamoed, desert and jungle. You can only use one at a time though.

To use them extract which one you want to use and put it in the SCAR\Textures folder.

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No, the one you drag in from the zip will overwrite the one in the folder.

Alternatively, create minimods SCAR-Normal, SCAR-Desert and SCAR-Jungle containing only the texture folder and the textures for that theatre of operations (and remove the texture folder from the baseline mod). Whichever one you enable, or whichever one has priority, will determine the texture used.

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