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Give me a break...

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After weeks of protests, Vermont Teddy Bear Co. has agreed to stop producing and marketing a "Crazy For You" bear that had angered advocates for the mentally ill, four advocacy groups said Thursday.



People get offended by everything... Jeeze... :rolleyes:

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The politically correct mob strike again. I swear I am gonna start an anti-politically correct website and totally rip into things as stupid as this.

Do you guys in the US have a nursery rhyme called Baa Baa Black Sheep? In the UK schools are now being told not to sing those words, but to change it to Baa Baa Happy Sheep.

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Soccer mom - "I was shocked and appalled to find that you would actually wear something like that, combat boots, chains, studs, spiky hair, and tight pants. Beyond that, I think that your language is absolutely foul and unsuited to this environment. Think of some of the children you know and the kind of influence you're having on them. Your actions could have grave consequences on what they do in a few years."

snared_gambit - "You're joking, right? Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't solve anything, it only weakens your children's resistance to things you don't want them to do. When it comes along, and they don't know what it's about or why people do it, they'll do it. You're screwing up America and the children, not me. Why don't you get used to the fact that not everyone is the same, and that some of us like being different."

True story. Me and some of my friends were walking around downtown and talking amongst ourselves. A mother with her kids decided to try and chew us out for our behavior and language. Ridiculous.

And I'm sick of political correctness. No one will have any fun because it might offend someone, and those bears kick ass, I want one. Anyone who is offended by a teddy bear needs to grow up and take a look at their life. Seriously.

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