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why when i fre the sniperrifle and the aiming cross hairs have gone al the way in somtimes does not hit.......i think the aiming is wot lets the game down should be like rainbow 6 :(

There is a good tradition of handling accuracy in the Ghost Recon series. RS3 reminds me of an arcade game. The Ghost Recon aiming engine reminds me of firing an actual rifle.

Sometimes I do wish that there was a gravity effect though.....but that might increase the learning curve too much for the general public to enjoy.


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I had a similar problem with the silenced sniper rifle, SR-25? Guys I could hit from long range with the big .50 only flinched when hit with the silenced rifle. I think the velocity is impeded by using the silencer. Also you have to take into account that some are wearing armor, if you hit ANYONE in the head they go down. If you hit a guy in a torso and he is wearing a vest he isn't going to be as likely to go down.

Unless you have to remain quiet, err on the side of power and use the .50 or the M98.

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I'd recommend Sniper Elite, it has winage, gravity and everything - good game too and even has 2 player co-op mode!

- Anyway Republicane the SR25 has both a silencer and fires a 7.62mm rifle round, whereas the .50 is a 12.7mm anti-armour round!

Also an enemies weapon can deflect a bullet on GR1 - now that is attention to detail!

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